Karma karma

I really really enjoyed reading the things Oi blogged when she’s suffering, or when she’s miserable. I’m not sure if I really took delight in seeing people living in Hell or is it solely because it’s Oi. I think it’s the latter. I don’t deny the fact that I do hate people enjoying themselves while I’m slogging my ass off for money though, so in a way, most of the time it makes me feel better to know that I have friends who’d have to like wake up 6 30AM in the morning to either 1) rush for work, or 2) rush for school. If you currently do not belong in these 2 groups, you don’t have to specially mention it out, because I grudgingly remembered it.

One thing is, as much as I take joy in people’s suffering. I don’t mean it literally the way whereby people in third world countries are suffering under natural disasters of sort. Nope. I only took joy in those petty sufferings.

Anyway, was taking joy in reading another blog post of Oi, and of course it was written based on her misery. Er. The one whereby she had to stand outside the 7-11 to sell a Yeo’s drinks? I could really read those posts like a few times and still get amused by it. I’m so easily entertained hehe. *snicker*

She did mentioned that throughout the time that she was promoting the Milk tea thingy, which till today I still don’t know which exact product is that, she told that customers the drinks were nice although she never did try it before. And, if Karma thingy really exist, she would be re-birth into a one-eyed, one-finned goldfish.

This struck a bell in my head as I was reading it, cuz, don’t forget that I worked in Body Shop for a year and a half before. If Oi is going to be re-birth into a one-eyed, one-finned goldfish just because she’s been a promoter for that mere 2 days, I can’t imagine what I will turn into in my next life. I told Oi that perhaps if she’s really going to re-birth into a one-eyed, one-finned goldfish, I will be a cell of that goldfish, a small little organism.

I’m not saying that I lied a lot during my part time sales advisor day. I, for one thing, also was pretty honest, like Oi, I didn’t exaggerate like this thing would really helps you and you’ll become Snow White in a month’s time etc. Cuz I don’t want the people to come back to me and point at me in my face saying that I’m a stupid liar.

[I’m so stupid~ I’m so stupid~ So stupid in love~~~ How could you be so~ How could you be so~]

Okay, back to topic. As you all know, there’s a lotttttttt of products in Body Shop, a series can have many different items, and even if I have worked in there for so long, there are still quite a few items I have not tried it out myself. So what happened when customers ask me is it effective or not? All I did was, took out the main ingredients used in the item, and told the customers like generally what’s the purpose of those ingredients for. I might not have used that exact same product before, but I have tried the other products in the series before, so I could kind of like say it’s pretty effective, cuz I did “kinda” tried it before. *innocent smile*

If that wasn’t enough, I would tell the customers that a few customers came back to me to feedback that it’s good. This is true though, I think I only lied once or twice that some customers feedbacked to me when there isn’t haha. Yup, but only that once or twice.

I miss working in Body Shop haha. Oh, scroll down for my request of birthday present haha.


8 thoughts on “Karma karma

  1. Kmye : okay la, unless you are really looking into the use and effect of the items haha, bo bian still have to approach de ma, but not all is hard selling leh, at least i was pretty honest lol.

    hantueffect : ah? orh, okay la, your post on the 3D you-know-what gave me the greatest delight.

    tengteng : LOL!!! perverts leh?

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