UPDATED : Coming Birthday

My birthday is coming soon. I’m turning 21. I should be happy, because it finally allows me to walk into the Casino OR a R21 movie openly without needing to act like I’m going to rob a bank in 1 minute’s time. But, yeah, it means independence. I recently came up with a conclusion that I will DIE if my parents are not around anymore (“touch wood” like 10 million times), and yeah, basically turning 21 is kinda already pushing me to struggle in living. Okay, let’s not talk about something so depressing.

So, let’s get to the good part, well, more of MY good part. Some of you might be thinking already, or you are not yet thinking, so I’m here to help you solve your problems and to those that aren’t thinking yet, I’m here to remind you to start thinking. xD

Main point / question. What do I want for my birthday? This can be a good news, or it can be a bad news : I don’t really need anything right now. If you really really really want me to squeeze out somethings that I need.

Money. I really need money recently, because I haven’t been working for the past 3 months and I’m in a somewhat-huge debt of 7k to return for my 3 years of poly school life. I desperately want to pay off my debt. So if you really really can’t think of anything that I might like / want, just give me money. Serious.

Ear piece. I have 2 ear pieces currently, but because I changed my iTouch’s cover recently, so this because of this cover, I need a ear piece whereby the plug is straight, and not curved. Cuz I suck at explaining, I think maybe a picture is going to explain everything.

Sorry for the LD (low definition LOL) picture, can’t be bothered to find a nicer one. Yup, something like this. Color wise, black, neon green, blue, yellow. Yeah.

Er, what else? Burberry Brit? That is quite ex, so never mind LOL.

Yeah, basically, money. Either money or ear piece, I don’t really need anything else. Haha. Ah, or you can just exchange my birthday present for your birthday present, which is actually quite convenient for both of us too, if you wan it haha.

UPDATE : I just remembered something I really want.



11 thoughts on “UPDATED : Coming Birthday

  1. Kmye : cuz, your gifts for me are already on its way to singapore, and no matter what you’re paying for it hahahaha.

    hantueffect : hahahaha, im too poor and too disturbed by the 7k bo bian LOL! ai ya, arbo just find whatever you all think i’ll like de lor. im still open for soft toys *bambi eyes* almost forgotten about my love for em LOL

      1. lol can get lah but might be be ready by ur birthday can??? I maybe go nex later see there got sell anot if not I will buy online.

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