21st Birthday

As one grows older and older, somehow this day is getting lesser and lesser of significance.

I remembered that I was still working in ST Electronics a year ago on this day, I don’t really remembered if I have went out after work to celebrate my birthday or not, but one thing for sure is that I was working. Anyway, since I’m getting more and more zen-ed every year, although I complaint a little last year, it wasn’t that bad after all. I still had a birthday lunch from my colleagues.

This year however, I’ve fallen sick. I’m having breathing difficulty with things crammed in my nose, and a sore throat. And, I’m still having it. Zzz. Went to my godparents’ house yesterday, the initial plan was to have a luxurious feast (is KFC considered luxurious feast?). Anyway, didn’t have it in the end, cuz I know if I went ahead to eat those, I can like cancel the few dinner appointments I’m having in this coming week, and I’m going to just lie on bed the whole day during National Day which is ultimate stupid, I’d rather fall sick on a working day and get a MC.

I have always known that once your FaceBook account is gone, it’s highly possible that a lot of people will forget about your birthday completely. See, this is one good and bad thing about FaceBook, because there will always be this birthday notification in your friends’ page, so people who have FaceBook are likely to login in to FB account everyday. They will happen to see this notification and then come to wish you a Happy Birthday. You see, bad thing is, once your FB account is gone, you’ll realized that few people actually does remember your birthday anymore. How is that those days when FaceBook is not around yet but people still remembered your birthday?

Well, since I did expected it, so in the end it’s not quite surprising to find that a lot of people do forgot about it haha, but it’s okay, because those friends that I’ve treasured did remembered it, except for one. Bet she’s going to like tell me in 2 months’ time when we met up on one of our gathering on like how she’s trying to will her phone on and send me a SMS (because her phone went out of batt) but it didn’t work.

Yup. And Hey People! For those who actually really remembered my birthday, and SMSed wishes to me, THANK YE!~ You guys actually remembered my birthday!! And especially when I had my FB account deleted. Hooray for ye guys~~!! (Don’t mind me, getting a bit crazy cuz of my sickness wahaha).

*order of the names are of randomness.*

Eileen : Thanks for your well wishes. You’re actually the first person to SMS me!! LOL! Well, maybe cuz you actually woke up earlier than the rest of my friends anyway haha. I’m so touched~~ But our tamagotchis are still not here yet LOL *sulk*.

Lynnette : Your message seriously makes me “…” all the way, well yeah thanks!! But I’m no fan of suju~~ LOL. I don’t care anything about ’em unless you’re telling me Big Bang is coming to Singapore~ Then again, I don’t think I would have gone to see them anyway wahaha.

Kai Lan : It’s quite surprising that you really did wished me something considering your condition, I really wasn’t expecting of your SMS since you’re still in hospital and all, yeah, I even know you’re not gonna come my blog anyway, why am I still writing this LOL.

PC : AH BU~~~~~!!!! I seriously thought you forgot about my existence!!! *Wipe tear from eye* We have been seeing each other like RARELY nowadays, but yeah I know it’s cuz you’re super busy (I know what you’re gonna say, that I’m busy too, okay fine fine LOL) and our schedules can’t meet haha. But amidst all your things that you have to do, you still remembered my birthday at the end wahaha, THANKS!! MUAX!!

Oi : You the shit head who wasted 1 hour of my birthday day, and preventing me from going to sick despite my sickly body, you evil prick you (hehe, finally my chance to use this on you). Yeah, at least you did remembered my birthday though I have no idea why you insisted on wishing me at the last minute of the day tsk. Well, at least you did wished me in the end, cuz if you’re going to use the same reason ( or excuse?) that our Miss Si Hui uses, I’m seriously going to just sincerely pray that you’ll rot in the deepest level of Hell once we’re all dead tsk. Once again, THANKS!! xDDDDD

Oli : Ah, I really don’t want to mention you in my blog, the one who called me like around 12 and the first thing you actually told me is that you bought a Burberry bag. To make things worse, you didn’t even remembered my birthday at all tsk. I have to remind you!! TSK!! You better give me my cake you, else I’m going to just forget a particular day in upcoming October!!!

Oh, I’m going to upload a picture of the birthday cake my bro bought for me. It looks soooooooo nice!!

It’s actually from Bakerzin, looks nice right? I like the cake color!!! As much as I really love chocolate cake, I’m super duper relieved that he got this (due to my sickness). The taste is not bad, but because it’s cheese cake, so it’s a bit, what’s the word. Er, if you have like more than 1 slice, it’ll make you feel very full, and you won’t feel like having another slice, chinese word is 腻. No idea what it’s called in English haha.

PS : As I went back to see my last year’s post, I realised I didn’t even talk about my birthday last year LOL! And I was apparently pissed over something, I think it’s the 200 bucks my mum refuses to give me. Yeah, I still remembered clearly but as I speed read the thing through, I was being scolded by my sup for something ( which I don’t even remember now ). It’s so interesting reading back on past posts, especially reading those that I blogged when I was pissed in this zen-mode I’m in. Haha.


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