Dried Brain

I think I’m running out of brain juices. Either that, or my brain is just getting lesser and lesser creative.

I wanted to try writing a short story (using Chinese of course), and I just sit staring at my computer screen blankly, and I can’t think of any topic to write about. I did tried looking up on Baidu.com to look at people’s articles to see if anything could inspire me, but I guess reading up more kinda just made me wanna write something of resemblance to that. So I stopped reading, and continued staring blankly at the screen, hoping that something could just popped up and nope, still blank.

I asked my friend for help, asking her to see if she can come up with a topic to write about. And nope, all that was given to me was just a wee bit more useful than utter useless, but yup, it’s still under the useless category. Then, she told me the same thing she did like a few months back, which I have already quite anticipated it, which is to write about her, again. I’d rather stare at my screen for another 1 hour, ayz.

I wanted to post the article I’ve submitted for the Golden Point Award thing, but since the results weren’t released yet, I’m thinking maybe it might be better to post it like somewhere later in October. Maybe I’d need some $$$ for me to squeeze out some brain juices for writing. I sound so money-minded here, ayz, but $$$ makes the world go round and round (as quoted from Lynnette many many months ago).

Anyway, I’ll really try thinking of something to write about, and hopefully I can else I’m going to cry sobs.

Was watching Running Men just now, and then I realised something quite interesting. Whenever I watched Taiwan variety shows, the male actors / singers / participants / guests starring in those shows give out this feeling to me that they’re just some big perverts. Especially when there are girls involved in playing the games, even though they might not be doing anything at all, I just thought that the guys should be having dirty thoughts at that time.

On the episode of Running Men I’ve watched just now, the males were supposed to carry the girls behind their back and they have to keep running to and fro a stationery shop and some random table to sharpen 3 pencils within 20 seconds. Even though the girls were in very close contact with the males, I didn’t thought the males were perverts.

I wonder is it just how selectively dirty my brain was, or is it because the stars in Taiwan are just perverts.

Nonetheless, Korean variety shows are definitely more fun / funnier than Taiwan’s ones.


4 thoughts on “Dried Brain

    1. yeah i cant believe also LOL!! i think the funniest part is still HaHa LOL!
      i love yoo jae suk la, i love how he dun give pressure to people hahaha

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