Random Things that Happened when I was on Bus

It’s actually quite easy for me to go to town area from my working place, there’s buses which I can take to ViVoCity, Orchard, Bugis. But it’s a pain if I have to go areas in the North, and that place in particular is Yishun. I seldom go to Yishun. In fact, I think it’s so seldom I think the number of times I have went to Yishun in the whole of 21 years of my life is less than my age itself. No, I have no grudge against Yishun, Yishun is nice, the name is nice, there’s a lot of greeneries there, and there’s NorthPoint and and and, there’s Party World there (Or is it KBox). It’s just that I tend to go to southern areas than North area though my living area is considered in the North, heh. I just don’t have the need to go Yishun anyway. Oh, it suddenly struck me that I had a friend who stayed in Yishun, and I did went to her house quite frequently previously a few months back. BUT, I took cab ahhaha, so I’m still not familiar with North Point.

Anyway, I needed to go to Yishun yesterday, i was contemplating between taking straight bus from my workplace to Yishun OR should I take a bus to MRT, then MRT to Jurong East, change to North South line and down to Yishun. As all of you all know (or not know, but I’m still repeating), I have to wake up 7am in the morning on every weekday, and that action itself took about 60% of my life energy for the rest of the day. I think I will be a goner if I took MRT instead, imagine the squeezing, the humidity, the hotness, and most importantly, the smell I’d have to endure if I’m on the train after 6pm, if normally I’m on a 100% life, that journey itself will take up 90% of my life energy.

So, in the end, I took bus 851, and I’m actually taking it from one terminal to another. When I went to gothere.sg to check the distance, it’s really like I almost have to travel from extreme south to extreme north ( a bit exaggerating cuz I’m not in extreme south and neither is Yishun extreme North hehe). Still, the highlighted red line on the site showed that I’ll be traveling a great deal of distance. I practically had to travel from end of the land to another end! (Ignore that fact that that piece of land is short)

I ended up in Yishun at 8pm. That’s not important. The important issue is that, for the first time in my life, I actually had someone to tap me on my shoulders to wake me up because the bus stopped in Yishun terminal and I’m still sleeping. Ayz, the humiliation. Thus when I called my friend and she told me to wait at some random dropping off point outside NorthPoint, I got a lil’ pissed off. She said a friggin’ long sentence and I could only 2 words, and that’s GV. I followed her to the part she told me to wait outside a shop called “Net” and apparently that GV sentence is just telling me that the place is opposite of GV, but I couldn’t understand it at first. I repeated “What?” 3 times, and she had to repeat her frigging’ long sentence like 3 times. She got a lil’ pissed off, and I got more and more pissed off and I finally understood what she’s saying. Bear in mind, I still carry with me the humiliation of being woken up by a stranger on the bus, thus I got pissed off easier than normal.

Yeah, I know being woken up on a bus isn’t all that big a matter, but considering I’m not a person who sleep till the end of the world, it’s quite a big thing to me haha.

This morning, when I’m on the bus to my workplace, I wanted to sleep since the journey is like 1 hour. I have no idea what’s wrong with the buses nowadays, it’s friggin’ cold in the morning, you can see the vapour stuck outside on the glass window. Yet its’ frigging hot in the MRT trains, tch. Anyway, cuz it wasn’t as cold this morning, so I didn’t took out my jacket to wear and started trying to sleep.

At about 2 or 3 stops later, this pair of teenage guys in red, or young adults in red sat beside me. I usually like sitting at the last row of backseats, on the extreme left side. Then I thought, “There’s so many seats here, why do you guys have to like sit beside me, tch.” I thought most likely they will be like alighting after a few more stops, so I waited and waited, while struggling to sleep through the cold of the blasting air cons and the itch of my face caused by my fringe.

What I wanted to do was :

  • retie my hair, hopefully I can just tie up my fringe (it’s quite hard but I’m still going to try it anyway)
  • take out my jacket to wear

But because they were seating quite close to me, I just though I’ll do those after they alight. And so, I waited and waited, tolerating the refrigerator-like temperature, tolerating the irritating fringe that I just feel like chopping off at that moment. At some point of time, I heard one of them saying “Far East plaza”, so I thought they’d be alighting soon. Yet, when we reached the stop outside Far East, they don’t seem like they’re moving their butts. By then, I’m already quite pissed off, because even if they alight any sooner, I’m going to have less than 20 minutes to sleep.

Oh, by the way, I not only have to endure the cold and my hair. These guys, they shifted a lot. I’m not sure if you guys know this, but I dun have a ringing alarm to wake me up normally. All I have is a vibrating alarm, which is my phone, so whenever the time is up, there’s only vibrations and I usually wake up at the first vibration. AND these guys, every once in 5-10 minutes, they kept shifting, and thus I kept getting woken up by them. The most infuriating thing is that in the end, they ended up sitting all the way till we reached the terminal. Meaning? I didn’t have my sleep.

A few stops before we reached the terminal, there’s a lot of empty seats around, and I can’t control myself but to look at them with a suspicious look saying “Why are you guys squeezed up here when there are like SPACES everywhere???” but sadly they didn’t saw my expression. Gosh.


4 thoughts on “Random Things that Happened when I was on Bus

  1. oli : eh, you can just write your name under the “Names” section ba when commenting LOL. and i dun wanna shift place, i onli like the last seat!!

    hantueffect : i think they just secretly dun wanna lemme sleep, so thats why they kept fidgeting and fidgeting!! LOL.

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