Big Bang Big Show 2011

I finally received my BIG BANG BIGSHOW 2011 CONCERT DVD. Actually I received it 4 days ago on WEdnesday, didn’t have the time to watch it until today.

Hm, I think there was like almost half of the songs they sang at the concert that I have never heard before. As I was waiting and waiting for “Stupid Liar” to come up, I realised that it’s because their 2011 wasn’t published yet. I think that’s the reason why a lot of the songs they sang was ??? to me. I started liking them only like during May? Or April, when I was too free (being jobless) and after watching a few korean variety show that had them in it.

I have to write these down before I start forgetting about what I’ve felt when I was watching the show.

It doesn’t have “Heartbreaker”, “Breathe”, “Knockout” and the other hippy song (don’t really know what’s the name of the song since it’s in korean) sang by TOP & GD. Feeling quite disappointed. Sigh, I’ll wait for their concert next year then (hopefully, these will be sang then ahah). Eh, I think you guys might misunderstand what I meant. I mean, their concert DVD. Even if they did come Singapore for their concert (which is quite impossible), I don’t think I’ll go. I can’t bear the 200 bucks for that 2 hours time. Yeah, I’m not a hard core fan. ‘sides, knowing myself, I think if I went for the concert, and if there is a camera that sweep past the audiences and I was in it, you’ll definitely see this stone statue not moving, with a lot of people bobbing around surrounding it. Yeah, that’s me.

I’m too lazy to be bobbing up and down, feeling high itself consumes a lot of energy. I think I will be standing there, my arms crossed, looking calm. 75% of the time looking pissed because a fan-girl beside me screamed at a louder frequency than is needed. 90% of the time squinting to look at the 5 thumb-sized figures bobbing up and down on the stage. 10% of the time yawning because the activity I did during 90% of the time failed.

I’m suspecting that maybe the concert DVD took out a few songs, cuz the photo album that is “attached” with the DVD showed a picture of TOP riding this black white @ (<- not sure if you all understand, dun care wahaha) scooter that was seen in Knockout MV. Either they took out, or the photos were simply taken somewhere else where they wore the same set of clothes.

Moving on. Since this is only the 3rd concert DVD I’ve ever watched in my life, I started thinking of this. Artistes would definitely sweat profusely while performing on stages, especially concerts, it’s quite impossible to be not sweating. It’s okay if it’s male artistes sweating. Thus I thought, do female artistes sweat on concert stages? Imagine… Lemme think, Rainie Yang sweating profusely on stage? Or SNSD? Males sweating are in a sense quite manly to me, so for guys… Perhaps female artistes sweating will seems quite sexy to them? Haha.

I think TOP sweat the least among them. I think maybe cuz his dance moves are always the least “aggressive” among them? I think he somehow short-cut the dance movements. For eg, if they’d have to make the angle swing like 160 degrees, TOP will end up swinging like 90 degrees. If they have to bend their knees to like about 80 degrees, TOP end up bending them at about 50 degrees. I like how calm he looks even when he’s shaking hands with his fans, it’s almost like he’s in a different dimension with the rest of the world.

There’s this solo stage of Tae Yang where he sang 2 songs, one is I’ll be there and the other I’ve never heard of before. He was wearing all red. I think I’m so used to seeing him wearing a back ground crew style that I thought it’s so strange of him to be wearing red haha.

I think the most exciting part of the concert, or if I was really there, the only moment that I will “come to life” from being a stone statue is when they actually got really really close to the fans. They actually ran into those audiences “compartments”, and ran up the stairs and GD actually offered his face to be touched by the fans. Shocked. I pity the body guards though haha.

Ay, I’m gonna get their concert DVD again next year lalala~


8 thoughts on “Big Bang Big Show 2011

  1. kmye : no, its actually a scooter, but at the side got a circular plastic decoration, is quite big then got a twirl / lollipop pattern de LOL. dunno how to explain haha.

    tengteng : until now hor, i still dunno who is suju leh LOL. its a person by himself or a team or what? LOL

  2. huh I thought u know??!!!
    suju= super junior (which has 10 active members currently)
    ss3 – super show 3 (name of their concert)


  3. tengteng : ORHHHHH i didnt know its the short form!! LOL! anyway, i rather just stick to big bang LOL

    hantu : yeah dun have, onli the oh yeah song lor. sadded. LOL

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