Personality Quiz (via Life of an Unagi)

I think is super true for mine LOL. You guys can try for your own haha.

Personality Quiz … Read More

via Life of an Unagi


4 thoughts on “Personality Quiz (via Life of an Unagi)

    1. lol though that is my answer but that was posted by my friend.
      and, its not accurate if thats the case. LOL. it should depends on what first word youd thought of when you saw this haha

  1. lol I saw the first word ‘jia’ so I decided to think of another word ‘ which is you’… lol like not very accurate leh!! LOL

    1. ay i think is cuz you all saw the words first liao haha. cuz when my friend asked me, she onli told me the question i didnt saw the picture yet haha. i think is quite accurate lehz.

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