Random Things that Happened when I was on the Bus II

There’s always this mysterious cold air that’s blowing at my arms no matter what kind of position I’m holding. I tried shifting my butt and change my position to the next seat, but the mysterious cold air persistently followed me around. Just in case you all really thought it’s 阿飘 since it’s a very sensitive period, I’m going to tell you, no. I’ve figured this out yesterday on my bus journey back home, apparently is even though I turned the round thingies to be blowing away from me, but there’s holes there’s coming from the sides, as in, it’s not properly covered.

And, the bus I’m taking pass by the Catholic Junior College everyday. The students wore sky blue color uniforms (actually I thought Catholic JC is somewhere in Kovan ). Anywhere, whilst I was struggling to sleep, the bus reached the station, and all the students got off. Then, I realised, this guy sitting in front of me who is wearing the Catholic JC school uniform is sleeping, and he didn’t know he’s reached his stop. I could have woke up him, but I didn’t. Haha, I’m so evil. 50% of the reason why I didn’t wake him up is cuz I’m not 100% sure that is his school. The other 50% is cuz it’s morning, my mouth is still in the uncooked clam mode.

Added on :

Mysterious cold air is blowing at my arms again. Apparently cuz the air con in front of me was opened fully, somehow the air con ended up blowing at my shoulders. So, in the end, I adjusted the thing towards the direction of the girl that’s sitting under the air con instead. I’m evil, I know HAHA.

Was listening to my mp3 player, and there’s this pair of female students that keep talking and talking. I was using my plug in ear phones, normally even if a person talk to me 1 – 1 I wouldn’t be able to hear it, but their voices could actually reach me. That, disrupted my sleep. I was uber happy when they finally got off. When one of them said “OMG!” The first word that came to my mind is “bimbo.” Thing is, it’s a word that I’ll also use like most of the time.

If I was an official like 1000 years ago, I think I’m the person behind the saying of “只准洲官放火,不准百姓电灯。”


5 thoughts on “Random Things that Happened when I was on the Bus II

  1. lol, actually, when i read until the girl said “OMG”, I thought they realised not their stop and continued disturbing ur peaceful sleep. LOL!

  2. You are so evil. I will and had woke up my junior in phs and someone else who’s in ajc on the bus before.!!

  3. kmye : no la, cuz i think the other girl told her suddenly they’re getting off and then this girl goes “OMG!” lor.

    tengteng : LOL!!!!! youre nowhere better la hor, you say you will onli wake up the PHS and AJC people LOL! the one i saw was CJC.

  4. lmao. that’s because I recognize the uniform! and yck ss ppl always go down the correct stop..I no need to wake them up.

    1. hahaaha. like i said im not 100% sure that the guy sleeping is really that school de ma LOL! i was struggling between whether wanna wake him up or not, and then the bus started moving lo LOL

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