Just to inform you people, that I’ve quitted my job again haha.

Yeah, I can’t tolerate the stress and everything, it’s really making me damn moody waking up in the morning knowing that I have shits to complete. After thinking and struggling for a while, I decided to quit. I think I really have low level of tolerance for stress.

Meanwhile, I will try very hard to find a new job. Preferably maybe a non-programming one, unless I can find a company that is willing to take me in for website programming though I have no knowledge / experience in it. Well, the percentage of that happening is like 0.01%.

People, if I’m going to go back into IPhone programming again, please ask me to wake up.

For the time being, because I’ve become very money-minded recently, and because I’m embracing my freedom and no-income days. I won’t be entertaining any going outs recently. So please forget about my existence for the time being. I’m going to cave at home this time round until I found a job.

I will still keep this blog updated.


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