Funny / Epic MVs

I think I actually posted this before, saying that I’m very amused by this. It has the longest Chinese title for a song (at least I haven’t seen one that is longer than this before).

If you guys are ever feeling depressed / too bored, you can really look up videos like this and have a good laugh.


Actually, up till now, I thought this is the worst music video I’ve ever seen. However, after the introduction of a few MVs from Oi Oi, I felt calm looking at this supposed-to-be-hilarious MV.

This was shown on her blog too, but I’ll just put it here for convenient reference.

Title of this song is of no importance, I have no idea what it’s called anyway. Just look at the MV. In case the first 5 seconds mislead you all into thinking I’ve posted a porn video up here, I need to clarify that, this is a legal MV.

Yup, I was very shocked when I saw the first 5 seconds of this, it totally looked like a setting for porno videos. Don’t ask me why the girls are wearing lingeries, till now, I don’t really understand what’s the whole point of the song and its MV. I think yeah, if they could just cut off the back half of this whole MV and let some guys in, I think I’d be more interested.

I want ‘chiu! I want ‘chiu! 
I need you! I need you!
I love you! 
Please cut my head off right now!
It’s unnecessary, when I spread my legs for you!
Throw me some money, please slip it between my boobs! 
– AKB48

As quoted from

Still feeling bored / depressed?

Take a look at this!

As quoted by my friend again, she spends 20% of her time squeezing her boobs, another 20% of her time wriggling her butt, another 20% of her time making those ooh ooh ah ah sounds. What really shocked me was she came from 4minutes. Is those ooh ooh ah ah sounds really necessary? I have no idea.

This is even weirder.

The first 1-2 minutes were pointless parts of the girls getting undressed but blocked off from the screen, accompanied by the panting of a random dog looking at them (I think this refer to the perverse boys that were attracted to ’em?) Then after everything, they just got freaked out by that tiny little dog and all went to get sprayed by water. Oh please, what can that tiny size dog do to like what, 16 girls?

I’m seeing a pattern in these MVs, they’re just simply in lingeries / bikinis like 90% of the time. I think perhaps that’s what make ’em popular. I don’t understand though, might as well get a few porno stars filmed a few MVs and make ’em sing?

Ay, don’t understand.


8 thoughts on “Funny / Epic MVs

  1. FIRST

    the last video….is just god awful. budden i guess all their videos are god awful.
    you know, i sudddenly feel this HUGE burst of affection for SNSD.
    comparative evils you know?

    1. yaaaa
      SNSD has run devil run and stuff. and although theyre a little sickeningly cutesy sometimes, i never really dislike them.
      go SNSD!! SNSD forever!!
      go forth and conquer japan! Please!

      1. me okay la, not really dislike, but dun really like either, and I normally just don’t noticing them ahaha.
        LOL, rykiel is gonna hate you for the last sentence man

  2. Lmao. What kind of lyrics is ‘please cut off my head now!!’
    haha I hate that bubble pop song.
    And SNSD is awesome!~~~~~~~~ (tiffany !)

  3. hantu : HAHAHAHA, okay if thats what you meant i think maybe shell understand. what if actually she like akb48 LOL.

    lynnette : no idea, ask oi oi LOL. i think i hate the akb48 more sia LOL

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