My 2G Tamagotchi

Blogging this to show my friend what a cute tamagotchi I have. This is my 2G tamagotchi (meaning 2nd generation). The first one is one that looks like a dinosaur, I didn’t take a picture of it then. Anyway, this is the best care result for teenager tamagotchi.

Then I got this as my best care adult MUAHAHAHAHA. Though what I really wanted is the other best care tamgotchi. Nonetheless, this is still super cute.

The aim of this series is to push the tamagotchi to become super star. My 1G tamagotchi was a super hot superstar, but this 2G keep failing to get her debut. I only managed to get it to debut after it’s married. Sigh. The judges just kept rejecting my tamagotchi even though its music skills are 999.

I didn’t want to marry it so early (it’s only 5), but because I saw the husband (the one on the extreme left) looks so cute, so I married it off wahaha.

My 2G playing music with the family~ So cute~~~~

The mochi in between the 2 is my 3G tamagotchi. After 1 or 2 days more, the parents are gonna leave and I’ll have to stretch the mochi big again. *plays the circle of life song*


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