Morning Frustration

My house next door is under construction. Somebody’s moving in after what seems like 2 years, or maybe more than that or less than that, I don’t really remember. So the drilling has been going on for like a couple of weeks. The noise is so clear and loud it almost felt like it’s just happening in my house kitchen. No matter which corner of my house I shift my butt to, the noise is still coming to me in all kinds of degrees. Sigh.

As I was still sleeping an hour ago, the hell drilling begin and it “hard raw raw” wake me up from my sleep. I felt like screaming “Shuddap!!!!” to them but I know even if I scolded that, the noise will continue on. Doing that will only make me an even more evil person than I already am.

I screamed “shuddap!!!” at this garang guni person downstairs my house before when he kept on shouting and pressing the noisy bell thing, I woke up from my slumber and got too pissed off. The noise continued on and I still felt bad for doing this haha.

Even when I’m listening to my music through my ear pieces, I can still hear the drilling sound clearly. I’m almost blasting my music. Tsk.



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