I’m too bored

Don’t mind my previous post too much, you guys know I’m a depressed person, once in a while I will just feel sucky about myself. Seems like I got a few of you guys to be worried about me in the end. So now what I’m telling you is, just forget about. At some parts of my life, I’ll need to write down blog posts like this to note down how I felt at those times.

Anyway, I concluded that it’s because I’m too free / bored, and thus I decided to install my World of Warcraft on this mac com (since it’s really only one of the online games that can be played) and start playing it again. Though having to buy the game time is sucky, but actually the amount only work out to be like the price of 2 Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, I might as well just buy the 30 days game time and then hope that I’ll get a job soon wahaha.

I’ve finally kinda figured out what I really want. Now the problem is how to work for it xD.



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