If The World is Coming to an End…

I’d be in the top 5% category to die. Because

  • I can’t survive without drinking water, in fact, I need to drink a lot of water and I get thirsty easily
  • I get hungry easily
  • Succumb to temptations without much resistance, might just choose the easy path of killing myself instead of dying slowly
  • I’d be thinking of the easier ways to die, instead of thinking of how to live
  • Will be reluctant to move, and against being the heroine like the ones in 2012 movies, it’s too tiring
  • Am a depressed person, cannot think on the optimistic side
  • Won’t be able to outrun a tsunami, cuz running speed is too slow
  • Can only run non-stop for 100m, and my legs will turn into jellies

If I’m not the first 5% to die, I’d also definitely be in the next 5% because

  • I’d start blaming those that don’t let me die when the whole thing occurs
  • I’d be in hysterical mode not having water / food to drink / eat
  • I’d start off killing other people around me (who prevents me from dying)
  • DEFINITELY not moving anymore, waiting around to R.I.P
  • Legs already turned into jellies
Most importantly,
  • Am not a scientist
  • Am not a president
  • Am not a person who holds at least 1 billion in bank account
  • Am not a person who will be able to contribute much to the society, even refusing to give birth to kids
  • Am not willing to fight at all for survival
Just A Random Thought.

4 thoughts on “If The World is Coming to an End…

    1. most likely i’ll go to sleep. the only way to die most peacefully ba. but i think i wun be able to do so because my family will prevent me from doing so. however, IF im really alone, yup, i don’t have the will to fight for my life lol.

  1. Hhahhaahahha okay la, right after you die, the next one or next next one will probably be me.
    my will to live is incredibly weak.
    not that i want to die.
    i just dont have much willpower to fight for my life. >..<

    god, we're so useless!

    1. HAHAHA meaning youre also either in the top 5 or 10% to die first lol.
      yeah i know, we fall under the cats of “will live if can live, will die if need to fight” kind ba. LOL

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