Contagion – Movie

Went watching this movie yesterday with LOSErs – 1 again, sigh. Since LOSEr-s – 1 is so common, I might as well just called ourself LEOs instead HAHA. Anyway, this meeting we didn’t even bothered contacting the S, cuz most of the time, like about 95% chance that she won’t be able to make it, it kinda slipped off our minds to call her. We did tried calling her (after we already bought the tix). Surprisingly she’s free, but she’s too tired, so in the end she didn’t come.

THe initial suggestion was to watch the “I Saw the Devil” which is R21 with strong violence in it. Past experience of watching the Frozen(crappy show) tells me that I might regret if I go watch gory movies again. We were then left with the choices of “Tree of Life” and “Contagion”. Truth to be told, both movies didn’t quite interest me at first when I saw them. As I watched “Tree of Life” trailer for the 2nd time, it pricked my interest but in the end Lynnette chose “Contagion” cuz I think the way Oi Oi explained to her about the movie sucks. Trailer for “Contagion” seems not bad too.

The trailer is misleading. Or, it’s not. Cuz it’s really another “What you see is what you get” movie.

5 minutes into the show and the disease is already spreading, which I thought was quite fast paced. The tension was there. I think it’s because the tension was there ALL the time, in the end I just felt quite immune to it. It’s just like those 7pm Taiwan Hokkien drama whereby the music gets louder like every 5 minutes, and something big happen like this guy decided to betray that guy, and then 5 minutes later, that guy decided to betray another guy.

I only know that like around the middle of the movie, I felt quite sleepy. The seat was too comfortable. Oh, we watched it in Cineleisure, I think it might be the first time I watch a movie at lvl 9.. No, wait. I just remembered, I think, I actually watched Frozen there too. I think I was too uptight in that movie to realize how comfy the seat was. Haha.

I think maybe the movie has too many focus, like the camera kept turning from one character to another (cuz in the poster above, there’s like 6 people) and they’re all living different lives, only to have them intertwined in scenes that lasted for only a while.

But the movie is not that bad. I like how it make light touches on issues when diseases spread out. Like how some people sacrificed themselves to save the people, especially those doctors / nurses who will have to stay behind to help those infected, while risking their own lives. And how chaos strike when everybody are aware of this deadly disease. There’s also people who might want to make money out of disasters like this, which is shown by this irritating blogger, who keep insisting this random medicine thingy is the cure (when it isn’t) and trying to make profit out of it.

Then again. it felt kinda like a documentary.

Overally, the movie is not bad, but not the kind that I’d watch a second time (as quoted by Lynnette).

Oh, and Oi Oi, the female doc who died, is the one who acted in Titanic la!


6 thoughts on “Contagion – Movie

  1. I went to watch ‘I saw the devil’; today.
    It’s really good. Though some parts kinda too gory (or it was actually lots of gory…but watching too much is scary).

    Contagion is not a good movie.

    1. is it. but yeah, i cant watch extremely gory or horror show lol. so is show what? cutting fleshes ah? didnt censor it?

      contagion is okayyyyyyy la. not that bad i guess.

  2. yup. It’s the uncut international version. Apparently, the korean censory board or something refuse to screen it unless the director edit it, so there’s a korean version of it.

  3. pai seh, i thought she was Rachel Weisz. I tend to mix the two up together. I like Rachel Weisz over Kate Winslet. but the two of them have very similar face shapes, eyebrows, body shapes, etc.

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