First step to whatever

Yeah, I know this is just a simple crap LOL.

Take it that my 7 year old niece worked on this instead (I don’t even know if I have a niece at the age of 7).

I finally know how to use CSS though. xDDDDDD


3 thoughts on “First step to whatever

  1. Reminds me of the early days when I was playing around with html.
    Although I never bothered doing mine from scratch. i just swiped them and tinkered around to make it something i’d like.
    ahhh how technology has moved on since then…
    *reminisces like an old man*

  2. kmye : LOL! it looks like a diaryland de web template like 10 years ago de sia lol.

    hantu : orh LOL yeah at that time i also swiped everything around nia, which resulted me in dunno how to start things from scratch. sigh. LOL

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