Johnny English Reborn

I didn’t plan to watch this at first. Oi Oi mentioned on her blog that this is funny, so I decided to go watch it.

I think it’s because I saw the trailer, that’s why when I watched it, it didn’t seems that funny to me. I expected that I would laugh like hell, but there’s a lot of scenes that were already shown on the trailer (I’d say about 90% of the really funny scenes were already showcased on the trailer). Before he’s about to do something funny, I already knew something funny is going to happen.

I think… The Disney’s Rapunzel animation had me laughing till I couldn’t stop. But really, this was only… okay. Maybe it’s really cuz of the trailer.

Most of the time, it’s just his idiocy that makes the whole thing funny. The idiocy, kept going on and on, it’s at about the middle of the show that I already grew sick of his idiocy haha. I really wish he could get things right. From the mid of the show till the the finish, I kept going “Oh god, oh god.” Sigh, reminds me of the bee hoon lady beside me when we were watching Contagion and she’s like “Shit.”

Anyway, the show is quite okay. Think it’ll be better if you didn’t watch the trailer haha.

I just borrowed a book from Library today, and am planning to go my house downstairs to read it. Oh my, I’m really becoming those ah ma that sit downstairs HDB blocks and fanning themselves. Sigh.




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