I Landed A Job~~

Hello people, the title is already telling you everything.

YES!!! I’ve found a job and I am very very excited about this one because it’s F.I.N.A.L.L.Y a website developing job!!!

Well, the web manager did told me that he’s verbally hiring me already and I’d get the confirmation latest by tomorrow. It’s 90% that I’d get the job. And if really so unlucky that the 10% happens (touchwood 100 times), I’m going to buy 4D for this Wednesday man.

Anyway, will post again regarding the confirmation tomorrow wakakaka. I wanted to blog this as a whole tomorrow actually. But I saw a few random events that I feel like writing down, so I might as well share this good news (maybe) first.

I took the bus from Toa Payoh back to my house (just so that I can stop at the bus stop right outside my house, and I don’t have to cross the road or walk back home from amk).

As a lot of you know (or not know), I like to sit on the extreme last seat of the SBS buses (cuz other seats are not suitable for my giant 1.7 height and width (LOL) figure), and when I was sitting on the last seat to the extreme left, looking out the window, with my head leans towards the right on the window, my fringe covering left half of my face, and letting the air con blew them, trying to look as suave as possible. I smelled…


I woke up 10 am this morning, with a hungry stomach. Went all the way to Outram Park for interview. The time was 1pm. Truth to be told, I was hungry. The smell was just tempting. I turned my head over to see what’s the particular food. And I saw..

Bee Hoon + Noodles.

First, bee hoon in cinemas theater. Then bee hoon + noodles in buses. Oh, and this lady eating the bee hoon + noodles even had them wrapped in those a bit bigger than A4 sized brown paper (even more pro than the one in theater cuz she had a container, at least easier to eat). I wouldn’t even be surprised if one day somebody take roti prata, or satay into these places to eat.

While I was waiting for the lift to get to my house level just now. There’s this couple / father-daughter people also waiting for the lift. The lady was talking on an iphone with her right hand. The left hand that was holding an Louis Vuitton key holder was picking her nose. I can’t help but feel a bit disgusted. HAHA. I know it’s quite normal that people still do pick their nose in the public, but I think… If you wanna hold those branded stuffs, at least try to look clean / decent. Anyway, I tried to look away. When they reached the level and the lady was waiting for the lift door to open. Using her left hand again that was holding the key holder again, she had one end of a key stuck in her ear, not really into where those craps are, but at a slightly higher area.

If her first action had not made me feel strange already, her second action really disgust me.


2 thoughts on “I Landed A Job~~

    1. THANKS!!!!
      orhhh, cuz like i said ma, i didnt want to mention it at first cuz got the 10% chance that i wun get it ahaha. initially i onli wanted to say when i am confirmed that i got the job haha, but is because ot those random events that followed behind ~

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