Job Confirmation

Okay. This is definitely a happy news for me~~ I got the confirmation for the job already and I’m starting next Monday!!! I think it’s been such a long time that I really felt happy for finding a job hahaha. Then again, actually it might be the first?

Cuz once I got into this company, I’m one step closer to my dream~~~~

Wanted to share to joy with someone but everybody is so busy. Tsk hahahaa.

So my depression is going to step from a jobless depression to a busy depression phase hahahaha~



6 thoughts on “Job Confirmation

  1. Hahahhahahah yeahla yeahla, we’re happy for you la of course ahhahahahah
    i congratulate you so many times liao i sian le. hahahhaha

    1. hahaha yeah man, ill try to man LOL.
      cuz if im leaving im going to have super big difficulty to find another job cuz of my lousy resume. LOL.

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