My Hair

Sigh, judging by the rate of my hair falling on the front part of my head, I think I’d become like this soon :


10 thoughts on “My Hair

    1. LOL serious, my front really not much hair left (though still a lot for the back). when tie up hair, its like the scalp is super visible lor. HAIZ!!

  1. i think hair is like falling from my whole head la!
    whenever i comb my hair, its like i have leukemia!
    i cant tell if its cos i’m stressed or what.
    but whenever i get even more stressed, psychologically, i just feel like even more of my hair is falling out.

    1. LOL!!!! what… HAHAHA my hair fall rate has dropped a lot ever since i cut my hair short la lol. but im still short of hair at the front haiz.

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