Who Are You / Hell Gate Opens – Movie

I think a lot of people actually kinda misunderstood me that I don’t watch horror movies. Well, that;s just half correct, I do watches them, but it’ll depends on my mood for the day, the timing the show is played, who are watching with me, and last of all the most important one is the environment. I DON’T watch horror movies in cinemas, that’s for sure, the screen is bigger by like 100x, audio louder like 5x, meaning the frightening level is heightened by at least 5x also.

So when I saw the advertisement for this movie that is on cableTV showing the broadcast time of the show, I’ve already gotten very interested in the show. And when I told a couple of my friends that I’m gonna watch / watching a horror movie, they thought there is something wrong with me. Tsk.

The trailer kinda got me interested also. Cuz it shows of this person / ghost / monster / thing being cooped up in a room and all the strange events happened. I’m quite curious as to what’s in the room, and the timing is convenient such as that my dad is in the living room -> meaning I’m not alone to watch it hehe.

I think the exact title of the show is to be “Who Are You”, have no idea why the cableTV broadcasted the show as “Hell Gate Opens” though. Sigh, anyway, what I feel is I think both titles have nothing to do with the show.

It’s quite interesting at the front. We are told that the one that’s being cooped up in the room is the female lead’s son (I don’t even really know if she’s the female lead or not, by the way the girl on the right of the poster is a neighbour / friend to the mother and son). He’s a hikkikomori game addict, his mother tried stopping him from playing before, with him threatening to kill himself if she continued bothering him, and then his mother left him that way. He would communicate with her through passing of notes, and she’d settle his meals by putting food outside the door for him.

A guy offered to help the son, ended up getting mutilated and killed. Then we are told that the neighbour / another female lead was actually a friend of the hikkikomori before, though I don’t know if she being his friend is even important or not, because there is nothing more other than knowing they’re friends.

Creepiness increase because it seems like it’s some alien-like thingy / ghost / monster / upgraded human form thing is inside instead. Some random guy went up the ceiling of THE room to try and take a picture of the hikki inside, and ended up with a picture that showed a big eye (this part quite scary, because it means that the monster / hikki / whatever know that somebody’s looking at him.

At the later part of the movie, everything don’t make sense. Because the female lead’s husband, hikki / monster’s father was supposed to be dead but he came back to life. Then he told the female lead that their son was dead long ago, and she’s been living in her delusions. Just when you think that “OHHH, so it’s just hallucination”, they went up to the room and saw this, monster like that looks like a distant cousin of Smeagol from Lord of the Ring.

Throughout the whole show, the female lead has been attending lessons by this woman (who had the make up of a witch) that taught her students to strengthen their minds. Making them believe that it works by successfully teaching them to cut a pencil with a paper. I kinda think it’s this witch / demonic sect that creates all these delusions(?) but the storyline didn’t really show it this way though.

So the female lead then kills the husband using the force of her mind, and later uses her brain power to dissolves Smeagol into dust when he’s attacking the neighbour / friend of hikki who is the Smeagol’s friend.

If you don’t get what I mean. That’s great, because that’s what I’m feeling LOL.


6 thoughts on “Who Are You / Hell Gate Opens – Movie

    1. LOLL theres no moral of the story! LOL, maybe asking people to dun be hikkikomori or you’ll end up as smeagol? no idea man LOL. im not sure what happened to the guy that got mutilated sia, maybe he was just a figment of the female lead’s imagination in the first place >.<

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