My New Starbucks Card

I got hold of this starbucks card yesterday when I was in NEX with my brother. Isn’t it nice wakakaka, it’s so pretty~~~~~~~

Anyway, didn’t even knew that there is no fee required to get this card, all you have to do is top up money in it and you can use to to buy drinks.

Benefit :

Get a complimentary starbucks drink for every 12 drinks you buy using this card. Hoho, though I don’t really drink starbucks often, but the card is nice~~~ So I took it anyway hahaha, I have nothing to lose. (Typical Singaporean type HAHA)


7 thoughts on “My New Starbucks Card

  1. ho! i had one and i’ve been using it without even knowing whats the benefit. >.<
    nice to know there is one.
    (i was trying to figure out what the hell it was, while using it anyway. dot!)

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