Updates On My Life So Far

I just realised I haven’t really been updating how my life’s like ever since I got into this company I’m in. For those of you who don’t know what exactly I’m doing for my life (except for wasting it away), I have finally managed to become a Web Developer. It wasn’t easy for me to get a job like this, because not only do I have no experience in this field, no knowledge at all in PHP, HTML whatsoever, I didn’t even really had a relevant module like this in my 3 years of Poly course. No wait, I had, think it was called Web Development or something similar with a “Web” word inside. All I ever did for that course was just using plain HTML and shifting things around here and there, I think I didn’t even manage to complete the javascript assignment. So you can still say I don’t know web programming haha.

Everyday’s busy for me, I’m currently on my second project already. My company is one that works with hotels, and we help the hotels to make a website, through which people can make online booking of the rooms through the hotel website.

Time flies for me ever since I got into this company. Surprisingly this is already my 4th week. Every morning after getting into the company, used the computer for a while and it’ll be lunch time. After lunch and coming back into the office, worked on the computer for a while more and it’s around 5pm. The only difficult time for me is the process of waking up in the morning. The pain only grows with each day down the week.

I think I’m still in happy mode because I’m new in the company, I don’t have a lot of work allocated to me, at least for now, they didn’t really give me a deadline (but I still rushed to finish them though). Maybe I might be in depression mode later on.

Recently, I’ve gotten more and more bored. If I’m not working, I don’t really have anything else to do. I finally managed to get a Windows OS running on my Mac, I installed Prius Online and got bored of it like < 10 minutes. It’s either the games created nowadays suck to the core or I am really getting bored of games (which I think is the main reason sigh), well, most games created nowadays really suck though. There’s nothing interesting to bitch about either since my life has been really peaceful and so to the people around me. Tsk, to think that me, the slackiest of slackers have nothing to do except for working, something must be wrong with me >.<

Okay, that’s about it. Can’t think of anything else to blog about wakaka. Glad that I’ve finally gotten out of IPhone programming. That’s really a nightmare.


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