Real Steel – Movie

My colleague was telling me that this show is a bit touching (oh gosh, I naturally typed bitch when I only wanted to type bit). I guess I went there, kinda expecting that it’s gonna be a touching ending, and mentally prepared that the robot is gonna kinda die / be crashed in the end. I prepared myself for whatever all sorts of sad scenarios coming up, well, in the end, nothing happened.

The show is not bad. Of course, not the type that’s super ultra high graphics kind like transformers, well, the robots looked real too (the westerners are good at this kind of thing). But, the storyline is good. And I fell in love with Dakota Goyo (the small boy in the show). By the way, I’m not a pedophile, in case you all took me the wrong way. The little boy is soooooooo cute in the show, and even though he’s still young, you can kinda see how great his body would turn out when he grows older (again, I’m really not a pedophile).

The movie, is very noisy though. Then again, a lot of movies are noisy when it’s being played in the theaters (which is why I don’t watch horror movies, I’d end up having a heart attack blow inside. Or if I didn’t had a heart problem, I might develop one once I watched a horror movie in theaters). I think it’s kinda a “high” movies. Especially when the robots are fighting, you’d kind of get the hype and wanna to stand up and start shouting words of encouragement for the robot (on the hero’s side duh).

I kinda get misled by the trailers, though that the robot had feelings. After watching the movie, I’m still not confirmed whether or not the machine had feelings, they kinda give you the feeling that the robot had feelings, but most of the part shows otherwise though. Well, if there is a sequel, I think I’d go watch it.

Oh, one part I really like about the movie is that, there isn’t sore losers in the show. You know those typical movies where triad-like characters in the shows always end up beating the good guys or doing some dirty moves behind after the good guys win a fight / tournament / whatever. There are a couple of scenes where there are a few characters with the likes of sore losers who lost the fights, but they still swallowed it and gave the prizes to the winners (surprisingly).

The movies are getting off the theaters soon. If you still have the time to, you can consider watching it, I think it’s great.



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