Rum Diary – Movie

I’m officially declared a faithful member of the club, “Does-not-understand-english-films-without-subtitles Club”. Through the 2 hours of the show, I have to use all of my concentration and all my focus into my ears. Still, I lost the show half-way through. It’s been a very long time since I’ve actually watched a English film without subtitles, I rely a lot on subtitles. A LOT. Because I can’t really understand English accents, English that are spoken out by westerners, unless they deliberately speak slower and clearer. But you know that doesn’t happen in movies. Sometimes they could just combine two words together and make them into 1, the skill of Jay Zhou.

And talking about him, I could only get his album next friday! Argh, FRUSTRATING!!!

Chinese movies are okay, I can very well do without subtitles unless if it’s included with the Chinese accent, like how most people from China speaks. I saw a clip before by this China boy who came to Singapore to study who filmed a video of him speaking in this weird Chinese accent that kept scolding Singaporeans, 90% of the time I couldn’t register what he’s saying. But if not, I’m generally okay with Chinese movies.

Anyway, back to the point.

Shaw theatre is not bad, the seat was adjusted upright, so it reduces the chance of (me) sleeping throughout the show. If it had been the cathay in AMK, I might have fallen asleep like 20 minutes into the show. Oh, and it’s because of this theater that I’ve realised how LOUD AMK Cathay theater was. Real Steel was real loud.

The show was okay. There were funny parts happening now and then which made me burst out laughing (even though I could not understand the english half of the time, but the jokes were comprehensible). I’m aware that I lost a lot of jokes though, because I couldn’t get those crucial words right, so even though I knew it should be a funny thing, I wasn’t laughing, and I didn’t hear much laughter going on around me at that time, so I’m taking it that most of the people were in the same situation as I am haha.

The only point I got throughout the show was the poor and the rich thing. Like the rich (or authorities) covering up the truth of how serious the poverty of that little island really was(with the little kids scavenging around rubbish) and requested that Johnny Depp focus on reporting on the good things of the island just so to attract tourism and stuffs, and that’s provided I didn’t get the whole conversation wrong, I think it should be like this haha. I’m always kinda sensitive / curious to this kind of topic so it kinda caught my attention.

There are a few parts that I still don’t get it though, but since I’ve already gotten the general plot, I guess it’s not that important after all. The funny parts were very random though, because I don’t really understand why they’d happened.

Sigh. Most of the time I was really concentrating on looking at Johnny Depp’s face (I really didn’t want to). This is the first show that I’m seeing him on screen whereby he isn’t dressed up as a pirate. If not for Oi Shan, who I think have showed me pictures of him beardless before, I wouldn’t even know this is Johnny Depp when I saw the zoomed in face on the poster.

Don’t think I’d watch this show again, think not even with subtitles. I might like this more if I’ve watched this with subtitles from the start. Unless Nicholas Tse is acting in this show, I could stare dreamily at his face non-stop for 2 hours.

Well, it was fun hanging out with er, LEOs again. I guess maybe 3-4 years down the road, we might actually find ourselves chilling in pubs and talk about how suck life / word is. Haha. I kinda look forward to those days though xD.


2 thoughts on “Rum Diary – Movie


    that aside, funnily enough you seem like you appreciated the movie more than i did, hahahaha even though i understood everything. i guess my patience was worn a bit thin, cos i was slowly getting a headache the longer i watched.
    still had one today, but took a panadol my tutee gave me and it finally went away. yay!

    1. I think as long as a movie has some funny parts, I wouldn’t really hate it. Or if there are no funny parts, at least have some serious / inspirational point in it hahaha, the movie isn’t that bad la anyway (the funny parts that is).

      is it cuz you didnt have much sleep or what. I normally have headaches on mondays of the week lol.

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