Super 7

Not sure if you guys have heard of this team or not, I didn’t even know this group existed at first. I first knew of them through the yahoo news when they were bashed continuously after they performed SNSD’s “Hoot” on the Taiwan’s Golden Bell award ceremony this year (I think).

Find this picture strangely familiar? Yup, they were made to be a group that greatly resembles the greatly sought after SNSD band. If you’re going to tell me this picture is too damn small, you can’t take a good look at their faces. I’m gonna reply you, “neither can I.” This is actually the BIGGEST picture I can find of them online, and even till now I don’t even know how each and one of them looks like.

Truthfully, I wasn’t and will not be a SNSD fan, I’m seldom a fan of any female group anyway unless they’re really good in singing (like S.H.E and even then I’m not a fan of S.H.E, I only go after their songs haha). But SNSD songs were really not bad, they normally have songs that are very catchy, which is also one of the reason why they sprung to famous and high popularity within a short time. This Super 7 group, release a album with their so-called hit song called, “麦罗嗦”, which I can’t tell is their hit song until they told me. I have to strain my ears to actually know that that’s a song sung in Chinese haha.

You guys can catch the song here :

See for yourself if it’s good or not haha. Even through the MV, I can’t see their faces clearly. I can’t really find the official one, but this is the top of the search list, so I’m presuming that this is the official one, and the definition of this MV is like LD (Low Definition).

It’s pretty amazing to see the dislike bar being so long with that many views haha.

Oh, and one more article from the where they criticized SNSD for being ‘plastic’ and then moved on to say that they view SNSD as a role model (the kind that stabs a person and then moved on to call a ambulance for that person). Their selling point is that they are “natural beauties”(which I really can’t tell, unless guys find them pretty, since girls and guys have different view points, then I have nothing to say haha) and natural “C Cups” (is that even an important point?).

Here’s the news article :

If there is a boy band that resembles Big Bang and come out saying this kind of thing, I’d write a 1000 word post bashing them like hell man.

Forgot to mention that, their choreography looks sucky too. And after the blasting of the “mai luo suo” chorus, I can’t hear anything else.


12 thoughts on “Super 7

  1. FIRST!

    and god, SNSD is sooo much better, although i’m not a fan either.
    but whats with this “our bodies are better”. you mean your boobs are bigger la in other words.
    wah, ask them all go act in porn suan le la. or join that stupid AKB48. they like this kind of thing anyway. god.
    ahhhhh i cant stand all these stupid girl groups anymore!! gahhhh

    1. yeah they did say ma, they have c cup boobs, and really, this is the onli thing i remember of them LOL. i think they did say they have natural c cups LOLOLOLOL
      yup, i cant stand them either. they can just get together and act in 3D sex and zen part II, another team of female rhapsody where you cant tell the different between either their 1) faces or 2) boobs LOL.

      1. oh god, when i look at them now, they seriously resemble the sex and zen girls, can?

        its seriously amazing you know. theyve managed to turn what was originally targeted at the young and trending (SNSD and BEG’s stuff) into something bizarrely b-grade and worthy of se lao bei bei.
        i mean, hokkien? seriously?
        i didnt even understand what they were singing until i read your other comment and realized the “my loso” theyre singing is actually hokkien. (pai seh, didnt read your post that thoroughly.)
        its just so….not cool.

        its more like a parody than anything la!

        1. yeah, i think they resemble also. lol.
          yup, there are some words that are sung in hokkien I think, i’m not sure if there are any chinese words or not, cuz i dun understand what theyre singing in the first place LOL. the mv is so damn low quality la, onli their mai luo suo is loud, the rest of the lyrics volume is like 1.
          tsk tsk. yet you read that i said their bodies are bigger. youre so se. tut tut tut.

          1. no ar, i only noticed that part cos i looked at the allkpop article, okay. i wont go and zero in on that de. i’m not you!
            like so amazing can, that type i posted one huggggeee chunk of text and the first thing you zero in in is perverse. hentai!

            1. HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! its not done on purpose okay!!! LOL!! i didn’t wanna read but just nice i look at one spot of the chunk and i saw the sensitive word. its not like i purposely went to zero in on it tsk!!!
              and it’s even worse lor, you don’t read my post thoroughly and complain when i dun blog tsk!! next time when i dun blog, you just read thoroughly through my posts again la!!!

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