Childhood memories

Digging up my baby / toddler photos for my company (for dunno what unknown reason), so I thought I’d post it up here. LOL.

Sigh, the time when I was small, skinny and innocent.


7 thoughts on “Childhood memories

    1. hahahaha. i think you can zoom in the face 10x maybe itll look like me liao, my face bigger now ma LOL!!! im pretty sure the first one is me la, but the second one im not that sure. LOL!!!

  1. >.< i really cant recognize you from these two photos sia!

    but you will feel nostalgia one ar?
    i cant really relate to my toddler and super young self. they feel like totally different people to me.
    i always feel somewhat strange looking at pictures of my young self.
    like, whossat?

    1. hahahaha, nostalgia ah.. okay la, its just i needed the pictures for my work, and since i have the softcopy i might as well post em there. even when i look back at my sec 1 pic im like whoa, i even looked innocent then?
      i dun normally dig out younger self pictures to look at de la.

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