MirlZ’s List of Top 10 Greatest Inventions : 1st

I came in to the office at 8.45AM. Filled up drinking water for my bottle. Settled down at my seat, I looked up and saw a very familiar “object” just right in front of my eyes. That damn creature was not on my table, it was on the separator that separates my desk from other desk, and because it wasn’t that tall (like those in ST office, which totally barricades you from the rest of the world), this you just have to sit up a little and you can see the other person’s face from his/her eye up (hope you guys get what I mean haha).

Anyway, that thing was HUGE. Not in the giant troll-kind of huge, but just, generally ancient looking as compared to others, then again, those things are ancient.

I froze in my seat. Blinked to ensure that that thing is really there, blinked again to make sure that it IS still there (and not crawling around, and most importantly, not towards ME). That thing was so still, I’m actually suspecting is it some fake plastic thing my colleagues left around to scare someone else but forgot to bring it back. I knew it’s not when I saw the whiskers moving (a little bit).

I immediately got up and told the other colleague about the existence of this hideous little thing (hoping that she’ll do something about it) and she did. She called one of colleagues whether he’s scared of cockroaches (there are guys who are) and told him to come down to kill it if he’s not. So down he comes (my office is 3 storeys high) with a rolled magazine in his hand.

I stood 5 steps away from the war area to ensure my own safety and watched as he approaches that thing slowly.



Lift magazine..


And that thing died, flatter than it’s already was.

I think it might be because I’m surrounded by people who normally freaks out when they saw this thing (including myself, but at least I don’t shriek), so I never actually saw people used the simplest, straightforward method to kill a cockroach before. I was amazed and disgusted at the same time.

I walked forward and take a look at the mess. There are white component thingies on it, and maybe some juices. I couldn’t bear to stare too closely, cuz it’s frigging damn gross. It’s either the because the guy hit so hard, the paper came off on the thing, or because the cockroach eats paper? Weird.

I relate the whole process to Oi, and she told me she had to chase after the ancient thing with newspaper before, to do the same thing my colleague did and failing for a few times (cuz she’s scared and strengthless at the same time I think). I’m quite amazed at her action (she called me in the middle of the night before, when I’m preparing to go to sleep, to tell me of that thing in her room and panicking around while I, 100km away from her, safely lying in my bed listening to her panicked and trying, but failed, to console her insincerely ). I didn’t know she had a history like this, so I’m really starting to view her in a different light, because I could never do something like this (maybe cuz I tend to call whoever’s in the house to help instead).

That’s why I’ve decided. My list of top 10 inventions of the world :


Baygon ensures the extermination of the hideous thing and eliminates any possibility of you having to interact with it at a super close distance.

Baygon lets you settle the problem even with you at a distance.

What’s more is, Baygon settles the job cleanly, leaving no unnecessary mess behind. You don’t have to deal with the dirty job yourself with weapons. All you need to do is, aim the Baygon and fire at it. Easier than rolling a newspaper / magazine.

Trust Baygon. Everybody’s using it.


12 thoughts on “MirlZ’s List of Top 10 Greatest Inventions : 1st

        1. tsk. then you should blog the other nine!! LOL
          anyway, i havent thought of the other 9, got 1 that i thought of but lazy to blog, find one day when i free and nothing to do then blog beh.

  1. hhahahaha one reason why i’m so afraid of cockroaches is also because i’ve discovered theyre near impossible to kill (for me anyway).
    i was always afraid of bugs la i think, but i got more used to them as i grew older.
    but cockroaches, cos of my various traumas…my fear only got worse.

    cos i’m usually walking around at night and on the rare occassion, some cockroach will enter the house and usually it’s because i’m alone or what, so bo bian, have to ownself handle.
    and last time, no baygone. *sob*

    so yeah, i’ll have to agree,

    they should like get a testimonial page, i totally would write for them can?
    i will praise them to high heaven sia.

    1. LOL!!!! yeah baygon ROCKS man.
      im also scared of bugs, whatever bugs there is, as long as it is under the category of bugs, it freaks me out.
      i’m also scared of the blind beetle that keeps flying around in the room knocking everything it could, that freaks me off also, it’s like a flying cockroach to me(okay, flying cockroach is the grossest shit on earth).
      now that i think about it, the one in the office kinda look like on that could fly, its wings is slightly bigger and placed a bit further away from its body *shivers*

    1. LOL!! hahahaha, whatever~ since im already known for my irregularity lalala~
      and, i dun have the mood, nor inspiration to blog. so ill leave it be first. until i can find the mood to.

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