Puss In Boots

I’m having this brain dead problem recently. With these following situations happening :

  1. Supposed to buy movie tickets last Thursday for last Friday’s Puss In Boots. I totally forgot about it and almost reached my house before receiving a SMS from my friend reminding me to buy the tickets. Too late, I’m too lazy to walk all the way back to AMK hub to buy and we didn’t watch last Friday.
  2. My friend asked me whether I wanna watch the movie on Tuesday or Wednesday, and I said Wednesday. I went out with another friend on Monday night and asked her to remind me to buy tickets, which she did, I went up to the counter and said, “Tomorrow, Puss In Boots”. Happily chose the timing, kept the tickets, happily walked around a while more. Just when I’ve walked out of AMK Hub, it suddenly occurred to me that we are going to watch the movie tomorrow. And we changed to watch it on Tuesday instead.
  3. Supposed to meet her in AMK Hub the following day. I met my other friend in Outram Park and wanted to go Dhoby Gaut, ended up missing our station and I told her I’ll take to Serangoon. My friend told me is even further, I stubbornly thought why would it be further? My brain altered my memory in such a way I actually thought I’m meeting her in Bishan.
  4. I normally took seats from Row E and F, but for the movie I took row G and we ended up a little too near to the screen.

Sigh. The sign of getting old.

Anyway, the movie was funny. I know how important trailers are, since it’s really the thing that determines whether or not it will interest people. I’m one who prefer seeing the trailer first before watching any films. There are quite a number of trailers that actually showcase most of the funny parts that are going to happen in the movie. Johnny English is one of them, so even though Johnny English is generally quite funny, it’s not as funny for people who’ve seen the trailer, because you’d already know what’s going to happen.

The worst is Frozen. Which typically summarized the whole movie into a 2 minutes trailer and that’s what’s going to happen in the movie. Puss In Boots’ trailer was okay though, it showed 1 or 2 funny parts. There were more hilarious parts in the movie.

I’ve loved Puss In Boots from when he was in Shrek, I like how it always uses its cute / innocent appearance to fool people and get his way round haha.

I think those who love animations out there can give this movie a try.

Wahaha~ I love catssssssssssssssss. Meow~

PS. The reason why I’ve changed the background to black is cuz I wanted to implement the snow effect. It’s limited edition and will only be around until 4th Jan 2012, so bear with the theme for a month. I wanna feel the festive seasonnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.


3 thoughts on “Puss In Boots

  1. kmye : does it look like im the one who program this blog skin. LOL. tsk. if wordpress have fireworks effect then i dun mind putting it on my blog la LLOL.

    hantu : YOU WERE THE ONE WHO WERE AGAINST ME USING PINK COLOR YOU DORK!!! or youd rather i use red background and green words or vice versa? TSK.

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