I just moonwalked my way back to Ang Mo Kio MRT station from my working place at Outram Park MRT station.

It’s the first time, ever, in my life that the thing in the middle of the toes came off the sandals I was wearing for work (not as in those male sandals that totally looked not for work, but something that looks nicer, though I wouldn’t say it’s formal either haha). Luckily I still had this buckle thingy that’s tied around my ankle, so although the thing falls off, it still stays under my feet. Trouble is, when I walk, there is this high possibility that I might bend the base part when I walk which might cause me to fall. Not sure how to explain it, but you can imagine how is it like.

Anyway, I wanted to go to my company nearby to buy a slippers that ensure my “safe” journey home and after going through a lot of trouble walking slowly with 2 of my other colleagues who offered to accompany me(so good of them haha), very slowly to the shops nearby (about 200m away), I realised that the shops are closed. Then we have to walk slowly to the MRT station again. There was about 2-3 times I nearly fall down cuz I kept bending the base.

After going into the MRT station (after going through a lot of pains and hardships), I started practising my moonwalking skills. The safest method of walking without the possibility of bending the base is to keep my right foot on the ground when I walk and just drag it along. I was making a lot of noises and walking like 30% of my normal speed. A lot of people just keep passing me and I still have to walk at the damn speed acting like it’s my normal walking speed. On top of that, I was making a lot of noise while dragging my feet along. I just kept, pretending that there’s nothing going on while I know this whole thing wasn’t okay, at all.

What I want to say is. If you want to practise moonwalking, trying getting those sandals like slippers which have that thing in the middle of the toes and a strap to strap around your ankle and then break off that thong part. It works.


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