MIssion Impossible : Ghost Protocol – Movie

I’m not really a Mission Impossible fan, I’ not even considered an action-movie lover, but I did watch the 2 recent Mission Impossible movies starring Tom Cruise in it. You people should know how shallow I am anyway wahaha.

Anyway, the show is actually pretty nice. What makes the movie really worth the movie ticket price is the 2 hours 10 minutes of playing time. I almost became an ice block inside despite my jacket covering over me. Thank god I didn’t leave my jacket in the office. The previous movie I’ve watched is the Immortals. In comparison, this movie is like really good, I’m not saying this movie sucks, and is only better as compared to the sucky Immortals. I like the storyline, at least I can’t find loop holes like I did in Immortals (the loopholes in that movie is as much as the holes in those cheese that we see in Tom & Jerry cartoon).

And, I have a thing for guys in hood / cloak. You know, like the main character in Assasin’s creed / Priest. I don’t know why but I really find the guys in the hood super super super (* 1 million times) attractive to me. I’d fall head over heels for them, I’ve still regretted not watching Priest. Sigh. This is the reason why I’ve uploaded the above picture with Tom Cruise in the hood, hoho. Can you believe it? He’s like 49 already (that seriously shocked me when I wiki-ed him). But he’s still so good looking!!!! <33333333 Yeah, I’m as shallow as shallow.

I like the fighting scenes, it’s nice and the female looks good when she’s fighting too. Occasional funny parts when the technological stuffs used by the 2 guys in the movie had faulty bugs and might have caused deaths to them.

As I was watching, I realised, I not only can’t survive in a disaster movie (as refer to the post here), I will also not be able to survive in an action movie at all.

1 ) There’s this chasing scene where the protagonist and the criminal was in a run-and-chase situation and both were running for like 10 minutes without stopping? What’s more was they were running at their full speed. Me? It’s amazing I could even run at full speed for like 1 minute. Maybe not even 10 seconds.

2 ) Bombing that occurs every now and then, I’m so oblivious to everything that’s happening around me, the protagonist realised the bombing as soon as smoke started coming out from the building and starts running. Me? Even if I DID see smoke appearing from all the windows of the building, I’d be like “oh? there’s a fire?” and have my whole body vaporized before being able to use my 10 seconds charge to run away.

In conclusion, running is a very important part of our life, you’d have to run in horror, action, disaster movies. I should go running more often.


8 thoughts on “MIssion Impossible : Ghost Protocol – Movie

    wahhahaha from dubai yo! touched anot? :DDD

    anyway, i actually watched this, cos my sister wanted to watch it, and the burj kalifah (the tall building) is innit. all that sandstorm stuff is supposed to be from here. but frankly, watching the movie, that place could be like anywhere, since you dont actually see much of dubai. >.<

    and yeah, its okay, if its a disaster movie, i'll die too. cos if i see smoke coming out from a building, i'll probably stand there and go, oohhhhh, got fire neh! *stand and gawk*

    and as for running, i'll probably be like,

    hee. i mizz you. lets go out when i come back~~
    and actually by the way, not sure what to get you sia. stuff here costs around the same as singapore and nothing much i think youll like leh, so far. anything you guys have in mind in particular?
    *Note to Lynnette: You leh? Got anything you want?

    1. wahaha, yeah, when i was watching the movie, i was like “ooooohhhhh, oi shan is in THAT place” currently. damn her.

      anyway. you really encounter sandstorms? from the movie, it seems really serious ( i dun think it’s really that frequent right?)

      yeah, thats my reaction if i see smoke coming out from the building, and if we’re together at that time, both of us will be like,
      “Oi shan! there’s smoke coming out from that building!” *poke poke with elbow*
      “Genia!! Lookit there! the building is on fire!!”
      *both gawking”, then die.

      yeah i miss you guys too. wait for you to come back, and we’ll meet again haha.
      i dunno leh, you know those dramas, there’ll be this super small transparent bottle, put some dubai sand in it and give it to me. Or get me some nice magnets that shows dubai. lol.

  2. HAHAHHAHAHA yeah i think we’ll die together.

    and aiya, didnt say so earlier. i went past through the desert today to get to the hajar mountains in oman. now if want sand, i would have to sweep it off from the street, which is like, not cool.

    and sandstorms arent that frequent i think. about once every one to two months i think?
    but the sandstorm in the movie is totally CG-ed one. my sis was saying it cant possibly look like that inside the city. so yeah.
    plus apparently they took a lot of liberties with the geographical makeup of the city. like run run run will run from one part of the city to another farflung side de place.
    and the burj kalifa (the super tall building – currently the tallest in the world) isnt even a hotel, so yeah.

    1. yeah i know its definitely CG-ed, because even if its real right, like as if the whole thing will come out so nicely LOL. how many months will they have to spend waiting for the real sandstorm to come and to take everything nicely in one shot man lol.

      then get me a magnet. thing is, if you wan to get me the sand, youll have to get me the small transparent bottle too lol.

      and yeah, if you didnt say its a hotel, i wouldnt even remember that building was a hotel in the show lol.

  3. *sigh* you people now then tell me what you guys want.
    you know how much trouble i had walking around trying to figure out what you guys like?
    stuff here quite ex you know. zhen shi de.
    now must desperately find stuff for y’all. *sulk sulk sulk*

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