Hello people, I know I’ve not been blogging for a long long time. I’m too busy with my WoW, if I had the time to blog, I’d rather use it to play my WoW. Haha, because my passion for games are back (like finally). WoW is nice to play, and with the 1 year of bond with it, I have a lot of things I can do in there, and another reason is because I have my friends / colleague to play with me. Playing with friends make you more addicted to the game I guess, and it’s WoW.

Anyway. I have no intentions of abandoning my blog (and I don’t think some people will allow me to), so I will still have to take some time off (WoW) to update about my life. Ever since I enter this company I’m in, I realized time moves frigging fast. I’m busy at work, so I don’t slack now, even if I do managed to find time to slack, it will only be in intervals of doing my work (which is when chatting with my friends), and now I also hardly chats to them because of all the deadlines the clients throw onto my head.

I’m not sure is it because of the weather, of my busy-ness  or whatever reasons there are which I can’t seems to identify. I grew very impatient lately. Especially when it comes to explaining things. I knew I didn’t have a good temper, but my temper is getting worse. I think I might need some anger management course. I’m quite an individualist, I like doing things, thinking things, figuring things out myself, I don’t go straight to ask people for help the first time I’m stuck with something. That might be because subconsciously I don’t really like people asking me for help either. So I think I expect people to think the same way I do. But I admit, I do have a bad temper, and I think I’m losing something in me called “Patience” haha.

Conclusion is, please bear with me if you’re going to ask me something for help, I’m trying really hard to try to curb my anger already (but I think it’s still failing) HAHA. And on a side note, I don’t like explaining / repeating myself over and over, that really makes me pissed off.

I haven’t been going to any places of interest / watching movies recently. Firstly, doesn’t seems like there’s any interesting movies lately. And I have been planning to go to Haw Par Villa for a few times already. From what I’ve remembered, it’s a total of 4 times. 2 times with Eileen / Xia, and another 2 times with LEOs. 4 times something cropped up at the last minute. You know what? Maybe I’m not destined to go to level 18th Hell after all.

I’m an angel.


8 thoughts on “Updates

  1. LOL!! isnt it supposed to be “not destined to go”. everytime wanna go also got things happened. =_= sighs~ i want my hpv~

  2. kmye : hahahaha, orh yeah. didnt noticed. yeah everytime wanna go got things happened sia, frigging weird LOL. whats hpv?

    tengteng : ahahaha, we’re not destined to go haw par villa. Or maybe cuz im not destined (A) xD

    1. LOL! ahahaha, its not being hacked, just joining the campaign against the SOPA thing. har….. why cannot link, i very lazy to keep checking see when you going to blog ma, so put the RSS link there more fang bian for me. tch!!!

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