Top 5 Most Annoying People You See in the NTUC Fairprice

  1. People who buy frigging little things and die die must push the trolleys around so that they can make the paths more congested, more difficult to walk to places (perhaps they don’t carry a car license so they want to have the feelings of driving things? Or because they holds a car license and wants to drive things around all the time, c’mon la, go be a taxi driver instead la!)
  2. People who buy frigging little things, die die push push trolleys around and leave the trolley in the middle of the passageway like as if their ancestors are the ones who started NTUC Fairprice. These people are a huge contribution to “road jams”, because of people like this, the passageway that is meant to be a 2-lane way is forced to become 1 lane, and people going in opposite directions start crashing into each other.
  3. People who buy frigging little things, die die push trolleys around, leave the trolley at the side of 2-lanes and leave their child in the damn trolley. Oi, parents, let your children walk la! Don’t tell me they don’t know how to walk, most of the kids I see are at the toddler stage, that’s what our legs are for! And the best thing is, only your child is in the trolley! Make him/her walk and you carry the green basket and take your things la! Basket man. If all you want to do is put your kid inside there and push him/her around. Go and buy some trolley and do that in your own house man, the area is flooded enough, it’s not a playground.
  4. People who “drives” a trolley and don’t know how to use brakes. Either that or they suffer from temporary blind sights. Can’t you see the line of people in front of you? Stop pushing your trolley into people’s butt, obviously the person in front of you want to move also right? But due to the large amount of people (and trolleys), obviously he/she can’t get out of your car’s way, duh.
  5. People who pushes trolleys around. (unless you manage to buy $300 worth of things).

8 thoughts on “Top 5 Most Annoying People You See in the NTUC Fairprice

  1. HAHAHAHA! CNY a lot of people in NTUC. I dun even dare to step into NTUC during the period near to CNY. Actually you should blame NTUC for providing too much trolleys. LOL!!

    Happy Chinese New Year!!

    1. orhh we always buy ingredients from there the day before the 30th night. bo bian haha. then there’s this person i saw like seriously just left the damn trolley like in the MIDDLE of nowhere, with his / her child inside only. frigging a pain in the butt sia.

  2. dot! cos obviously my pain will seem funnier to you what! my pain doesnt seem that funny to me leh!
    fan er your pain damn farnie lor!

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