Chinese New Year

This is the time of the year that I really wish there’s this skip button which I can just press and it’ll goes on to the period after Chinese New Year ends. Or, specifically I only wanted the first day to be gone. It’s the day whereby we will have to go to different relatives’ houses, say “Happy Chinese New Year” to each and every person you saw (no matter old or young or same age, female, male, familiar faces or unfamiliar faces), do a lot of business-people-shaking-hands, transactions of mandarins exchanges, and receiving of ang baos (or giving for those who are married). 

If you’re the kind who like to bask in the existence of human beings, then this might be a happy occasion for you, because no matter which house you’re in, you can definitely feel “humans” around. It’s a day which you’re least likely to get haunted (because of all the yang energy the huge amount of humans giving out, all hantus will shun away).

But for me, a person who would rather much stay at home to play WoW. This is a day of torture for me. Well yeah, a lot of people will say, “c’mon man, you’ll get the ang baos”. Yeah, that’s really the only thing that made me move my ass, in fact, I’d prefer just moving my butt to the next block (to where my big uncle is, who I like the most and give the ang bao money the most) and then just go back home to WoW. And obviously, that’s just what I want, and we do know that ideal is something that’s quite impossible to reach.

Anyway, my bro said that’s cuz I’m suffering from “WoW withdrawal symptoms”, apparently he suffered from this before a few years back. But if this is the case, I’ve always had this symptom since 10+ years ago and I doubt WoW was out then.

I was always a withdrawn human being, and I’m pretty fine with living this way, it’s just that I feel offended when I’m being told “f-ed up” for the way my life is lived. Everybody have their own styles/ways of living, you might have thought that my life is f-ed up, but to me, your life is also f-ed up. The basic courtesy you can do is keep your damn opinions to yourself and continue your own f-ed up life. I don’t need people to tell me what I’m supposed to do. You might not like how I think/behave, but neither do I like your way of living. 

Happy Chinese New Year, people.

Have a prosperous year ahead.


6 thoughts on “Chinese New Year

  1. lol.
    I only go to my relative houses to say hello, take hongbao and stuff myself with food till it’s time to say goodbye.

  2. yeah totally agree, that eveyone has their own lifestyle. I really hate those people they wanna bother with your life and trying to change the way of how we live.

    They like to change people’s life so much might as well go be social worker. TSK!!

    1. HAHAHAHAHHAHA social worker!! LOL yeah, everybody is different one ma, the least they can do is really just to keep to their opinions to myself. damn sickening.

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