Days out with LEOS / LOSErs

It was officially a day out with LEOS (note : it’s LEOS, not LEOs), or you can just regard it as LOSErs, because S was in the gathering 2 days ago with us. Surpringly (or not), but S managed to free up one of her days to meet up with us (claps for that). I don’t even remember when was the last meeting with her around.

Anyway, we had a pretty late dinner, because that damn O is only released at 7, and so we seated in the Starbucks Coffee waiting for her, with me and L crapping, and the S doing stupid thing like finding her transferring credits form for the 45 minutes we were there. After walking around in Marina Square, complaining that all of us are dying of hunger, not knowing what is there to eat, and with a budget as low as $20 (we managed to height it up in the end), we finally decided on this Suki-Ya restaurant.

It’s actually not bad at all. A shabu shabu buffet restaurant, which has 3 kinds of soups, Kimchi, Sukiya thing? ( sweet soy sauce) and some other random flavour. I didn’t really tried the sukiya thing, I prefer the kimchi though initially it tasted like hot water with red / orange coloring. Best thing was, there is cheese tofu (hehe). The meat was nice too, choices of chicken, pork and beef are given. For us, pork was a  popular choice because though we only ordered 1 chicken, half of it was left over after we ended the thing. And most of it ended up in the bottom of the pot (hoping that no one will discover it).

Basically it was more of catching up on S and O’s life. With them comparing with each other like whose internship suck more, whose stuffs are more shitty, who are a cheaper labour and things. In the end, I don’t really remember what made O’s internship sucks, but she won the “contest”, cuz she had to carry umbrellas around for the actors (you know, in those chinese historical dramas whereby eunuchs the palace maidens do when they stand beside the Royalty). Took cab down all the way to either east / west coast from Woodlands on a weekend to grab some random jacket thingy. We had a lot of fun laughing at her sufferings (she never fails to entertain us with her misery heh).

I could have reached home earlier and played a little of WoW (I’m sure by now you all should know I’m addicted to WoW). But it was a rare occasion that O and I could have some time talking face to face (because that damn girl gets released at 7 and stuffs). So we spent some time talking in the MRT station instead. We talked about a lot of things and most were h-related.

Conclusion is : O is also a big pervert afterall.


9 thoughts on “Days out with LEOS / LOSErs

          1. cuz she also said thats the main point of the post ma! then you say stop destroying your good name, both of us get the same point, so youre scolding the both of us! tsk tsk tsk.

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