My day as a Zebra

I have whined to a couple of you guys before already, but I was wearing this thick black and white stripes blouse 2 days before. Each stripe, id I didn’t gauge wrongly, it’s about 1cm each. The moment I wore it, looked into the mirror, I felt like a zebra, but since I’d had to wear it sooner or later, I just continued wearing it for the whole day.

When I got onto the bus, there’s this lady that keeps staring at me, so I stared at her(while feeling like a zebra), and she actually continued staring at me, which made my inferiority complex more inferior. And that made me feel more like a zebra.

I guess I was overthinking it, because as soon as I got off the bus and walked on the streets, nobody stared at my zebra outfit, though I kept thinking the whole world is staring at me (or maybe I thought I had the attention when I don’t cuz I’m such an attention seeker hahaha).

Anyway, I felt miserable the whole day, cuz… I felt like a zebra.

Conclusion is, don’t get a black and white stripe blouse when the strips are thick. It’ll totally transform you in to a zebra. Hell, if you actually cross the road, the cars might just run you over, high possibility of regarding you as a zebra crossing.


4 thoughts on “My day as a Zebra

  1. see! still ask me to follow you around with your zebra outfit. if i stand behind you, they dont see me, they only see you, theyll totally just bang the both of us down la!

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