My HP Deskjet 1050 All-in-One Printer – J410a Printer Scanning Problem

Did I mentioned that I got this marvelous gift from my friend, it’s like an all-in-1 printer which can

  1. print
  2. scan
  3. photostat

Technological things are so amazing nowadays, they make everything so convenient for you. This bulky thing is the kind of thing which of 365 days in year, most likely there’d only be like 5 days you really need this thing to be there. It’s good if you have it during that five days, but if you don’t, you’d have to go through a lot of troubles.

And for the rest of the 360 days? It’s just a bulky thing that’s positioned in the cornerest corner of your room just so that it won’t be in you, your brother’s, your sister’s, your mum’s, your dad’s, whoever, whatever’s way.

Anyway, about a month back, I needed to use the scanning machine just so that I can scan in my polytechnic transcript for UniSIM, and just when I was marveling in my own little lalaland of happiness that I have this amazing thing in my room which can do scanning, I realized, my scanning software is not working at all.

It crashed the moment it was connected to my mac com. That’s why I hate Apple. There are a huge amount of people using windows OS, and before you realised something is not working in conjunction with Windows OS, there’s already a fix somewhere out there for you to download and install. For Apple’s mac? Well yeah, there might be a bunch of people who’s discovered the bug before you do, but, the fix is not out yet.

Which leads me back to the good old days I had to use my camera to take a picture of the transcript and then transfer it into soft copy. (And then I question myself a few times, “what do I want that stupid shit for?”. But anyway, since it’s already there and it’s not like I can do anything about it, I just got on with my life.

Until my brother called me again just now to help him to scan his transcripts. Heh, this is a world of transcripts.

I connected my printer to the com, on the scanning software, crashed.

Disconnected my printer from the com, on the scanning software first, then connect to the printer, crashed.

Restarted my printer, restarted my scanning software, crashed.

Did nothing with printer, restarted scanning software, crashed.

Did nothing with scanning software, restarted printer, still crashed.

Change squatting position, stare at my printer, stared at the fan, willing it to on it by itself cuz I’m sweating like mad.

Continued staring at printer, continued resending and resending the damn report to whoever, whatever, that’s going to receive it, hoping that there will be an alien / IT prodigy / whatever / good living virus that will be on the receiving end solving this damn problem.

Went googling.

Changed squatting position again.

Stared at fan, stared at the damn transcripts. Sighed at the goddamn printer and scanning software and finally came to this website :

AND, I realised there is actually a fix for the stupid problem!

Happily downloaded it, and finally stood up to on the fan, surfed my email, smiled happily at my printer, thinking that everything is going to be fine afterall.

DING! Download finished.

Happily double clicked it ….

This update requires Mac OS X Version 7 or later

WHAT?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!!! ARE THOSE PEOPLE WHO ARE USING MAC OS 7 < BELOW NOT HUMANS? And it’s not like my Mac OS version is of one that is made in the stone age!!

It’s just a 10.6.8!!! Only that 0.0.2 difference!!

Stared in disbelief at my mac com, stared in disgust at the bulky thing, stared in exasperation at the damn software I thought could have saved all the anguish I had.

So, I right click the file and show the package content, found several installer in the program itself, and slowly installed it one by one, dragged items from the resources folder to my printer’s resources folder.

Restarted damn printer, restarted damn scanning software, DING DING!


Conclusion of this whole post : I’m really like smart.

On a side note : what’s that “requires Mac OS X Version 7 or later” for? In the end, I could have still installed those things with the current OS I have! This is like frigging lame.


8 thoughts on “My HP Deskjet 1050 All-in-One Printer – J410a Printer Scanning Problem

    1. shit you. try putting yourself in my shoes! tsk!! but its true i have low patience heh. but thanks ah, to compared me to that puny disgusting little thing, your disgust for me must be pretty high = =

      1. no ar, i hold the greatest admiration for cockroaches. (although i’m terrified of them.) cos they have the ultimate never-say-die jing shen. you should be flattered!

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