Updates on WoW

I know most of you are not interested in updates on WoW at all, because most of you guys don’t play it. BUT, I still wanna blog about it hehe (come on and bite me man muahaha).

Anyway, was telling Oi Oi over the game that my character totally looks like this loyal member of a black cult, but I haven’t been able to show her how much of a cultist my characters are, and it looks even more like a black loyal cultist in the login screen, where we can get a close up look of the characters we have.

So here goes :

This is my mage, aaaaand I’ve finally reached level 85. That was like a week ago but I didn’t had the time to blog about it, I may sound busy, but I am really busy! With WoW, that is. And Big Bang Theory. And going out. And working. And sleeping. And watching of it-that-cannot-be-named (not Voldemort!). And things.

Look at this! Don’t you guys agree that this my character work for a black cult? Goes around casting black magic, placing curses…. The background makes it doesn’t look as bad though.

Then look at this :

This guy over here. He totally looked like this… Star War’s baddie, the I-am-your-father guy, not sure what’s the name, but I think you should be able to get it, it just looks like a replica of the original I-am-your-father guy. I just need to get some enchanting (some skill to make the equipments better) which will make my weapon glow, and it’ll be like I’m holding a light saber.

Imagine my mage in this background man, then it’ll look like a black cult member.

A few people asked me, what am I suppose to do after I reach lvl 85? Well… You can like, go around killing powerful bosses, or camp around noobs places to kill noobs, get better equipments, earn $$$. Frankly, there’s really a lot of things to do, it’s kinda hard to explain.

Oh, and I forgot to whine about how hard it is to level my black cult member. Mages are known to be weak among all classes (no matter which game is it). And what makes WoW really different from most free RPG online games is that when a player creates a new character, they will have to choose a faction and when you’re playing the game and come across another faction, you can choose to kill them.

Killing players of another faction who’s level is quite on par with you give you honor points which allow you to change for better equipments. So as I’ve told most of the people around me, I’m like this walking jelly bean that gives free honor point. I think there’s this unspoken code which most players abide where they spot a mage, no matter how far away they are from the mage, they’ll just come running / flying to you to kick your a^$ out.

After all the struggle and torture to “grow” my black cult member, I’ve finally reached lvl 85(wipes tear from eye). I’m now in this volcano-is-likely-to-erupt-anytime-and-anywhere place to get better equipments for her. This is a very crucial place to get equipments and I just have to say this : I feel like I’m training in war zone.

The greens being my allies with the reds being my enemies are we are supposed to be at war with each other.

I have to kill this big red stoney thing whose life is like 774k (wow, I actually remembered) when my life is like 90k. Not to mention, I’m a frigging black cult jellybean.

The grounds are shaking, people (as in virtual) running around everywhere, fire elementals, mobs, fireballs raining everywhere, and particularly fireballs raining down ON me. I could use a safety helmet in there man.

And damn that oi oi, she didn’t reply me when I told her I was having war. LOL.


6 thoughts on “Updates on WoW

  1. aiya, i was probably in a dungeon la, what you want. anyway i remember replying lor! you didnt see, still accuse me! zhen shi de!

    and pai seh, i actually like my cow more, cos after getting so used to my sonechka, every body else just looks tiny and horribly unimpressive. dot!

    1. oh yeah, and by the way, so now, only male tauren pallies look impressive to me, hahahahah, and those people who sit on those super cool big flying mounts. hahahah

      size matters.

  2. kkmye : thats the point!! to tempt you into playing WoW LOLOLOLOLOL.

    hantu : is it, i dun remember you replying me leh! tsk. or maybe i was busy running around for my life i didnt notice the chatbox. i have no particular love for either my star wars character or black cult member, both just looks like those that practise black magic. tauren is not cute either.

    but yeah, the big mounts are impressive, and there’s this golden dragon thing that turns me almost blind that keep flying around towns nowadays.

    1. hahaha, not my fault ma, my friends they all de choice. last time in wow, same server cannot create char of different factions.. i think now maybe can liao. go create lor. i will go and kick your ass =)

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