Championship of TRC

It was’t even three. Air-con blowing strongly, shivered in my piece of blue jacket, busy type type typing away, and occasionally drinking water from the water bottle I had at the side.

(And in case you guys think I’m writing a composition here, I’m not. I’d be crazy to write an English composition, not when it will serve as an English Language learning material for primary school teachers in primary schools, for teaching the kids what are the grammatical mistakes that they shouldn’t make. Over!)

Back to the point, it was’t even 3. And as far as I have remembered. I’ve went to the toilet 3 times since the start of official working time ( which is 9am).

Note here : I’ve changed THREE (using alphabetical here just so I can caps them to emphasis on the importance of the number) time of the toilet roll that’s hanging at the side in those ceramic toilet roll hanger.

Not once, not twice, but three times I’ve changed the toilet roll! 1 more change, and the 4 toilet rolls can just gather around a square table and play mahjong (heh, imagine that scene).

I think I can like change the toilet roll out of the hanger using one hand now, and maybe I should train changing using my left hand.

Who knows, someday when a Championship of Toilet Roll Changing come, I might be able to appear in the top 3.

On a side note : I went to the toilet again before 6, and I ended up changing the toilet roll again.


8 thoughts on “Championship of TRC

    1. ehh. the main point is not that i went to the toilet a lot of times! LOL. you make it sounds like everytime i go to the toilet i use up a toilet roll sia tsk tsk.

      cannot don’t drink water leh, keep feeling thirsty, what to do lol.

  1. oy, time for you to blog. *glares*
    all day long fan-ing me, now it’s time for payback!
    it’s been 10 days already okay??? 10 days!! That’s one third of a month!!

    1. so whattttttt. your record is from 9th february – 22th february, the empty post you posted in 17th is not counted. so youre no way better lalala.

      this is payback too!

  2. Was this when the 2nd and 3rd floor’s toilets were choked and everyone was using the 1st floor’s restroom?

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