Circle of Life

Ay, I’ve been watching news quite recently, those that are on Channel U and on Channel 8 and surprisingly I didn’t heard of this piece of news, either I coincidentally missed it, or… Yup, you’ll know the other reason. (just checked with my dad, apparently the news wasn’t casted, maybe it wasn’t that important enough)

I’ve heard of a few accidents happening for the past 1 year, with this random China SIM (or poly student) putting on this super thick black lipstick and scolding Singaporeans (and 85% of the time I couldn’t really understand what he’s saying), and this other China student randomly scolding Singaporeans someone on the internet on his blog or something.

And now this big woo ha of this NUS student called Sun Xu, who’ve received scholarship for studying for his University course and stated something in his weibo that there are more dogs than humans in Singapore. So war broke out, netizens wanted scholarship to be stripped off from him, no actions were taken, even bigger uproar was made, a MP of the Tampines area stepped out and made remarkable comments, stating what maybe we Singaporeans should reflect on ourselves, as to why the foreigners called us “dogs”.

I think I’m actually quite immune to all these now (or am trying hard to), there are so many unhappiness going around that citizens are feeling. But so what? Nothing happened. And nothing is going to happen, because most of us don’t really know what is happening.

MRT trains are still as congested as ever, I have to wait for the 6th train in the morning to get to work. Squeezed like mad inside the train where the only breeze I can feel is only when the train doors opening when reaching the different MRT stations. Trains still randomly break down and there are occasional delays here and there, but so what? We’re not bad as this :

Maybe this is why 6.5 million people is still a possible target.

From what I see, this is like an infinite loop. Unhappiness grew from the foreigners that keep coming in humongous numbers into Singapore because :

  • There are a lot of jobs which Singaporeans are not interested in taking. (Well, HDB flats in Singapore requires at least 300k to buy a decent one, if I only got like 800 a month, I might have to pitch a tent somewhere outside and stay in there. For the toilet cleans in Japan, they get a monthly pay of 2500, if we have the same amount of pay here, I think most Singaporeans are happy to take it)
  • Low birth rate / Aging population. We are living in an expensive country, a couple already will have enough trouble getting a flat, fending for themselves, having a kid is really a frigging big burden, thinking of my own education fees make me feel like crap, and we have foreigners coming in with scholarships and getting away with scolding us on the internet)

People complained and complained, but days continued going, everybody still goes to work, everybody still goes to study. Five years down the road, we still make the same choice.

What can I say? We can only accept it man.

Putting this song not because this is an accepted part of our life, but it’s just going in circles and circles.


4 thoughts on “Circle of Life

  1. omg am I genius or what?

    That aside, I do agree with the point of accepting it.
    If you can’t change it, you just got to deal with it.

    1. LOL, isnt it like a super known pw. LOLOLOL lets see if oi oi can get it.

      nah, im just trying to make myself immune to all this, i dun even wanna watch the news nowadays man, it’s making me more depressed and feel like migrating haha. but yeah, no point with all the ruckus, nothing’s ever gonna happen LOL.

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