Wow, Fantastic Baby

Hooray for Big Bang’s comeback!!! I didn’t really find this song that nice at first, but I think I’m really growing to love this song.

Their live is so so so so amazing!!! And DS’s high note is coolllllllllllllllllllllll.

As for the MV for Fantastic Baby :

Check out Big Bang’s Bad Boy.

There’s live for this, but I think they look so much more cooler in the MV hehe.

I first find Blue to be the nicest, not saying it’s not nice now, but I love Bad Boy and Fantastic Baby more now hahahaha.

GD is up with a lot of different styles (which is why he’s the fashionista, I personally don’t really like them though).

TOP is as usual I guess, the “visual” for the group, I’ve seen him with the white hair before, so I think this blue hair style doesn’t really attract my attention anymore.

My favorite of the all for this album is DS’s style. His blonde white hair reallyyyyyyyy stand out, and I think it’s kinda a very different style he has (since he always had those black/brown hair with him all the time, so he really stood out with that color of his, or maybe I’m paying more attention to him due to the accident thing that has happened).

Taeyang has always been like the background dancer of the group. But he really stood out in Fantastic Baby’s MV. Interest for him is still at lowest though.

What really surprises me is Seung Ri, I think I almost forgotten about him when I’m watching the MVs, his style doesn’t really suit him (personality wise), and he has really little screen time also. I kinda like him since he’s like the joker of the group, but I guess Bad Boy is just not really his style, or he’d adopted a wrong style altogether haha.

Actually I only wanted to write a little, but ended up writing so much (diao).


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