Childhood Dream

How many of us actually really stood to what we have always wanted to be when we were kids? I certainly didn’t thought of being a programmer (because programmer doesn’t exist in my cute little lala world when I was thinking of what I wanna to be when I was a kid).

I think most of you guys know what I’ve wanted to be, I’ve kinda stood to this until I reach about 13-14, when my results started going down hill and falling into level 18th of hell and I thought that no, my sucky results would never allow me to be a teacher at all. I think my L1R5 was into the 30s when I was in the lower secondary (not like it’s gone much better when I was in higher sec, but yeah, it’s better a little). I’m used to not studying at all for my tests when I was in primary school, so I thought I could still lead the peaceful, slacker life even I was in secondary school. When I realised how wrong I was, it’s a little late because I’m too lazy to catch up with anything at all.

Yup, I’m the kind that one day if I see a meteor ball diving straight for my head, I’d just stare blankly with my mouth gaping open and see the thing blow me into smithereens while my brain is still thinking about something that’s absolutely, completely nothing related to what is going to happen in the next 2 seconds.

Then again, what can you expect out of one who’d just go off to sleep if he/she know that 2012 (the disaster movie) is coming the next day? And yeah, I haven’t been running for a long long time again. Definitely gonna run 100m and die panting like a fish without water.

Okay, back to the point.

My results were into the 30s, I refused to do anything about it, which leaves me to one choice : change my dream (If there’s one word that doesn’t exist in my dictionary, it’s perseverance. Me : What’s perseverance, is that something that can be eaten? *said with bimbotic face).

Had a discussion with my gang, were talking about what we’re gonna become when we grew up. Told them teacher is not gonna work out for me cuz my results suck more than gravity does. I think they were busy laughing away, either that, or they too think that my results suck and don’t wanna waste time persuading me to think otherwise but are kind enough to not spit in my face that my results sucked.

Now that I’m thinking about it, if I couldn’t become a teacher with the amazing results of mine, how did I actually come up with the brilliant idea of becoming a psychologist man. God, I was being so unrealistic. Anyway, friends all decided against me being a psychologist because the chances of me persuading a depressed person to die will be higher than persuading them to live.

I was a depressed kid, I should write about this sometimes, because things that happened during my depression were kinda funny when I think about it now, but yeah, it was to Oi Shan’s pain though (well, cuz she’s like the cause of my pain anyway).

Then somewhere in Sec 3 or 4, I suddenly thought of becoming a games programmer. Cuz I happily thought that I will have fun programming games (since I’m a gamer). Yup, I was idiotic. The cute, young and innocent 15/16 me. Friends kinda supported me cuz they too feel that I’m kinda like an IT person (when in fact I’m really quite a IT hardware idiot, till now I don’t really know how to look at the specs of computers, just looking at figures and comparing).

Thus, went into games programming, went into some random software programming, then games programming, then IPhone programming and then finally into something that I really had interest in. Good thing is, I finally did find something that I had interest in. I guess we do have to go through different things to really know what are the things that you really like.

Good thing to mankind is, I didn’t got into teaching, some tragedy might happen. I might turn out to become some murderer. Considering how bad my temper is, even I wouldn’t bring my kids to me for teaching man. What the hell was I thinking when I thought I can be around hordes of kids and teach them things haha.

On a side note :

Going off to Malaysia next week. Gonna go back to my grandparents’ house to pay respects to them, feel the worthlessness of me when I don’t have computers around me, sweat myself out and get sunburn there. Then moving on to my third home : Genting. I’ll see what I can get for you guys, but don’t get your hopes up, Genting is just like…. Singapore on a mountain (there’s nothing special there).

Don’t miss me. xD


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