John Carter – Movie

Before I’m officially gone from SIngapore tomorrow, gonna finish up this post first, else I’d most probably forgot 50% of the storyline next week I’m back. Yes, Oi, I’ll TRY to feel your wrath while I’m happily strolling around in the Casino of Genting, or when I’m happily sitting down in some StarBucks drinking Chocolate Cream Chip (or Chocolate Chip Cream / Or whatever some other nice StarBucks drink). Hehe. Yup, I’m so gonna do that.

I’ve went to watch this show, knowing that it’s not a good show. Heard so from my colleague, she told me the show is losing money and many reviews saying that it sucks. Being the spoilt and curious brat I am, I went ahead to bought the tickets for my friend and I. Before the show commences, I whispered to her,

“I heard this show is losing money.”

Gave me a O_O look and whispered back, “You knew this after you buy the tickets or before you buy the tickets.” You know how when you watch some romance movies and this couple is bickering, and the female lead will ask the male lead some question, but obviously you can hear in her tone that your answer has better be the correct one. (just a analogy, I’m not a lesbian by the way, I drool at guys). Yup, I felt it, but having the virtue of honesty in me, I answered the truth,

“Erm… I heard it when I was buying the tickets.” (Which is half-truth, I heard of it when I was queuing).

“… You must be lazy to take out your phone to call me to tell me this, which is why you go ahead to buy the tickets because it’s more troublesome to call me and ask me what other movies we wanna watch!” *Accusation tone*.

Dang! Bingo.

Anyway, lucky thing is, this show is not half that bad. Maybe cuz both of us think that Immortals suck way more than this movie, or both of us were already prepared to watch something that’s as sucky as Immortals or way bad than Immortals.

For those who don’t remember what Immortals is, I’ve wrote a review on it before, think it contain most spoilers : Immortals.

I think this is one of the few shows where I didn’t really drool at the male lead, there’s a few parts that I think he’s really good looking though. When he reminisce of his past with his ex-wife and he had much shorter hair then (Reallllllyyyyyyyy cool, just in the movie though, cuz when I actually went to google his pictures, really don’t find him appealing to me).

The star of the movie, however, I think is not the male lead, nor the female lead. It’s this :

Gonna keep this picture as big as the poster, cuz he’s really cute. Haha. He’s the alien dog which keeps following the male lead around (running as swiftly as any flying gadget in the movie). How did this guy become so popular? No idea man, he’s really cute in the show, not the literally kind of cute, but yeah, cute.

It has all the qualities of a man’s best friend : dog.

Don’t wanna write too much spoilers because I think you all can give this show a try. I like the little twist it has in the end.

The only thing that gets me thinking is, if I was really involved in the show (the usual thing I always think when I watch movie, which is why I don’t watch horror, I can’t make it past 1 minute of the show man), I’d be in trouble. Apparently, you have to memorise this code name thingy which can teleports you to and fro. It was repeated like 3-4 times in the show, but till now I don’t remember any of the code at all. Dang.


4 thoughts on “John Carter – Movie

  1. FIRST

    and that dog seriously looks quite cute, haha.
    and you ar, lazy to the max man. when we live together, i think the two of us will eventually just become too lazy to breathe and one week later, lynnette will come visit us and find our rotting corpses.

    1. Hahahahahahaha damn funny. But true ma, imagine ah, you already went through some discussions to decide what to wath already then imagine your another friend tell you that the movie you’re going to watch is sucky, you’re next in line in the queue and you have to call your friend to tell her this.

      Don’t you agree that it’s a very tiring job hahahaha

      1. for a movie, yes, i would bother.
        in the first place, this couldnt happen to me, cos if i was intent on watching a movie, i wouldnt care what other people say.
        otherwise, if i wasnt intent on the movie, i would have checked the movie with av club first, which has reviews that i quite trust. and given that av club is made up of film connoisseurs, their opinion would supersede that of the Random X person I overheard.
        if it was a movie me and my friend just suddenly decided to watch, then i wouldve got the movie synopsis book from the counter and made a decision based on that.
        so, in conclusion, yes you do suck.

        1. LOL!! what!! you are the one who suck tch.

          and i dun really like reading reviews of movies (unless im not going to watch it and im curious to know whether it suck or not, which most likely im going to do it for immortals ii) I might actually believe my friends / peers’ reviews more than experts’ reviews cuz not like i really look for “souls” in movies, i just wanna watch things i like, not oscar winning pieces lol.

          and. in case you forgot, the worst movie ive watched is with you, air crawlers? or whats the name again. LOL.

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