I’m owing a few posts here, about my trip back to Malacca and then to Genting (which have no pictures at all, it’s like my 3rd home, can’t find anything significant enough to take picture of) and my review on Hunger Games but am in no mood to blog at all.

So here’s a random thought. Not sure if you guys know this song, 闭上眼默念三遍,by the 183 club and 7 flowers, I wonder how I knew this song. Anyway, the chorus goes like this : 

闭上眼 默念三遍
Call my name 我就出现

If you did something like this and the said person really appeared, do the following : 


Cuz most likely the appeared “person” is Bloody Mary. 

Randomly thought of it. Dun hit me.


5 thoughts on “Shytttttttt

  1. FIRST.

    budden this post is so lame and pointless i dont even see the point in commenting.
    *flicks nose shit at your post*

  2. hantu : LOLOLOL hahahahaha! i said i thought of it randomly ma! and im too lazy to write about my trip / movie. requires to do a lot of typing, im too busy for that baby! LOL. you are so disgusting!!! flicking nose shit at my post!!

    kmye : you dun even have a shyttttttttttt post!!! worse off than me!!

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