Trip To Malacca – Genting

Don’t have much to write about actually, cuz it’s already like the second week I’m back here in Singapore, so I’m gonna just post some pictures and put some random comments, and then when I feel like it, I’ll blog about Hunger Game next. Argh, why am I so behind on posts.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Oh Wow. I just realised there’s a new function for wordpress where I can put all the images together! LOL.

No animals / thingies were harmed in the process.

Just a random thing, bad thing about using a soap : There’s a risk of the whole thing dropping into the toilet bowl. Eg. Happened to me yesterday.


8 thoughts on “Trip To Malacca – Genting

    1. LOL!! hahaha, i nvr uploaded a lot of pictures one ma, most of the time i upload one by one, but now very lazy so i just upload chunks, then realised got this lor. but i think i prefer like 1 by 1 de display, just that i cant be bothered this time. LOL.

      1. but weird ar, why does it run TOWARD the car? what kind of thoughts could possibly be going through its little pea brain?

        “Look! A big roaring metal object is intruding on my territory! Die die die die die!”

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