Hunger Games – Movie

Before I talk about the movie, I wanna complain about something : my mum threw away my World of Warcraft mousepad!!!!!!!!

_| ̄|○

_| ̄|○

_| ̄|○

_| ̄|○

_| ̄|○

Something that looked like the above. Yup, I know mine is like dirty, cuz it’s been used for like… When 3rd expansion is out for WoW, lemme check how long has it been… 2008! It’s been with me for 4 years!! I’ve gotten it when I pre-ordered for the hard copy of the expansion pack and now it’s gone, *depressed*.

Okay, am depressed is not cuz I’m a huge big fan of WoW (as much as how I sound like 1 to you, I’m really not that big of a fan, I only subscribed to the game for a year cuz I had nothing better to do, especially not with the mac I’m using, hell, I can’t even have funshion. Question goes down to : so why did I bought it? Cuz I’m crazy). The reason why I continued on using the mousepad which is really dirty is cuz it’s really nice to use!!! There are some mousepads that when I use my mouse on it, sometimes the mouse are not as effective, and now my mum just threw it away without asking me.

*drew circle in one corner*.


Anyway, let’s move on, can’t do anything about it. Wanted to buy another mousepad online on WoW website which goes for 15USD,

The price is quite acceptable to me, just when I clicked Add to Cart and ready to pay for it.. Know what? The shipping fee is actually 18USD, that is more than the prize of the frigging mousepad!! Nope, I’m not prepared to spend a 50 bucks for a mousepad, especially not when the shipping is more than the mousepad itself. (sweats)

Okay, so I’ve watched this show like, I dunno, 2 weeks ago? Too lazy to blog nowadays, my life is as boring as a life of  a snail. (Wanted to say cockroach, but I think its life might be more adventurous than mine).

I only have a conclusion to make of this movie : overrated.

There’s such a big whoo ha about how great this movie is, how nice the plot is, blah blah and blah, my friend even told me she don’t mind watching it a second time, which made me really thought : Wow, is it that nice?

I think it’s cuz this movie have to cater to people of all ages, and this storyline, no matter how you look at it, doesn’t seem like it can be catered for all ages (though it’s a young adult novel), so there are some parts whereby they should go over it slower, and more detailed-ly, was just shown rather briefly. Eg, fighting scenes. Throughout all the fighting scene, the camera is shifting around all the places like as if the camera holder is currently filming a earth quake disaster, so a lot of supposedly-should-be-gory parts are just brought over. Some parts which I can’t wait for it to be like earth quake scene however, were shown in a slow pace.

I’m not a person who watches gory / horror show (as most of you should know by now), but I think they could have shown more on the violent parts, the camera was shaking so much of the time that when the “game” started, half of the contestants were already dead but I was still kinda in my lalaland, not knowing what just happened.

I like the female lead character though, she’s very suave throughout the show, and it’s archeryyyyyyy!!! Archery is coooollllll, though my brother told me once before that guns are cooler, because it’s definitely more practical and faster, eg : before I can load an arrow, I’d have been killed by a gun already (I could only roll eyes at him when he said it). Apparently, this lady here underwent archery training through a Olympian archer before she went to act on this movie, yup, which made the whole thing so real haha.

Anyway, just a side thing, she (Jennifer Lawrence) actually acted in X-Men : First Class before, as Mystique, that’s surprising haha.

On the whole, this movie is okay. Unlike my friend, I wouldn’t wanna watch it a second time, it’s draggy at some points which I find it unnecessary, and the eye candy for this movie for me is the girl instead of the guy haha.


9 thoughts on “Hunger Games – Movie

  1. LOL! i dun like to use mouspad and my mouse is running well on my desk~ LOL!! buy another cheaper mousepad then~ LOL, even you buy back the same WoW mousepad, it might not be the same (like they produced in another batch using a slightly different kind of materials LOL)

    1. Wowwww no thoughts of the movie review at all? Tsk tsk. nooooooo, cheaper mousepad?? the thing is it depends on the quality of the mousepaddddd, and youre right, maybe slightly different material sigh. MY MOUSEPADDDDDD BOO HOOOOOO

      1. haha, i no comments on the movie leh. I rarely watch movie and didnt watch that movie how to comment. but a lot of movies out there are overrated la. or maybe they have a different taste. LOL

        1. lol, to me a lot of movies are underrated or overrated LOL. maybe different taste. or maybe cuz mine is more of a commoners’ point of view. LOL.

  2. this show is mostly catered to teenagers la. summore even though this concept sounds sadistic and gory, the film itself is PG. thats itself is horribly telling.

    the film fits so nicely into the Hollywood mould of good versus bad even though the concept itself defies that title is like terribly annoying to me.

    I mean, its so convenient that the small child is on the girl’s side, and the girl’s first kill is totally and wonderfully justified by the death of the child. and more or less most people were being killed off by the bad guys, so you dont have any kind of moral dilemna to struggle with.

    bad guys were more or less one dimensionally bad, with exception of that one dude who suddenly becomes sort of sad at the last part.

    the whole moral problem of killing someone gets a total 10 seconds of screentime. 10 seconds. wow.
    (the part where she starts cleaning her hands like mad and crying. its a shakespearean reference to macbeth i think. ahaha.)

    oh but the most hilarious thing is the excessive emphasis on the romance.

    everytime they started doing cheesy shit, the audience in the theatre would laugh.
    and there was this part where the guy was in her arms and telling her how he fell in love with her at first sight and after that he started following her home everyday….
    and somebody in the theatre i was in went, “Stalker!”
    and everybody burst out laughing.

    it’s really hard to take this show seriously.

    but i suppose as a sensationalist show for teenagers, it works. *shrug*
    me no like.

    1. wow.. i love how my friend just commented on my mousepad, and you, solely on the movie, nice distribution of roles sia LOL.

      anyway, when i first receive the email, i thought somebody spammed the comment section, frigging longgggg sia LOL.

      thats the thing, the storyline should be gory and violent, and by them trying not to, it defeats the whole purpose, and you’re right, the romance is what makes this whole movie weird. cuz i thought the concentration should be on the survival and the game, but in the end, they place so much attention (and screentime) on the romance, i don’t really know what’s the focus anymore.

      and btw, i dun like the romance at. all. lol. yeah i think the theater i was in, all the audiences were laughing also, and i also said “stalker” LOL. but didn’t say it out loud haha, nobody did that at that time i was watching ahaha.

      i second your last sentence. lol.

      1. hahahahha nice that somebody else sees it the way i do, cos my colleague was like, no ah, i like it when its good versus evil.

        1. hahaha, my rating for this show is not that high lol. my friend also like this movie, but apparently she love it is cuz of the female lead =.=

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