Battle Ship + Avengers – Movie(s)

I’m not a movie maniac, just that recently I’ve been watching quite a number of movies, I don’t know why either, and I really didn’t had much of a intention to watch the above movies, but I’m glad I’ve watched Avengers.

Recently, there’s been an uprising amount of movies which have scenes of buildings exploding / collapsing / disasters etc, I think there must be a software lurking around somewhere that sells them these kind of disasters effects, I’ve been watching so many of those “destroying buildings” effects these days.

Okay, long story short, I’ve watched the above movies. Lazy to write about how I feel about them, nobody’s reading them anyway (throwing tantrum keke).

Only one thing to say : JEREMY LEE RENNER IS MY NEW IDOL!!! He’s so DAMN COOL in Avengers!!

YES HIM!!! Acting as Hawkeye in the Avengers movie. Look at the bow!! Look at his arm muscles!! (I’m weak with arm muscles *drooling*).

Conclusion : Just watch this guy in the Avengers movie, filter off other guys.

PS : Thinking of rebonding my hair again, 80% of my hair inside looks like spring coil man.


8 thoughts on “Battle Ship + Avengers – Movie(s)

  1. why u didnt write what u feel on the movie(throwing tantrums) i do read them tsk. just that i have got no comments (A) (A)

    1. LOL. fine, take it as im lazy to write about them, hehe. and, ive wrote my feel on Jeremy Lee Renner guy from Avengers!! that’s the most important thing.

        1. LOL! i thought how come you know this morning i just went to jia lor mee nia LOL. nuh uh, jeremy lee renner is the most important person in the whole movie!!!!!! look at this arm muscles!!! *DROOLS*

  2. huh, why you like that actor? so weird.
    cos i really like the character, and he’s really very cool, budden the actor de face like doesnt fit leh, i feel, hahahahah
    and just blog la, walao, i also got read one de lor! i just dont read if i’m planning to watch de! this one i watch liao, so please go blog more can? zhen shi de.

  3. kmye : yeah you stalker,

    hantu : CUZ HIS SO SUAVEEEEEEEEEEEE. and hes an archer!!! I have a thing for archers LOL. ahahaha, i lazy to blog la. sides. i alr blog the most important part alr!!!

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