Confirmed to UNISIM! xDDD

I think I posted it a few months back where I said some random offer thingy was offered to me but I have to pay like a certain amount of deposit to confirm that I am interested in the course (dunno what the blah is this). Back the point, listen to this people : I FINALLY GOT THE CONFIRM GUARANTEE CHOP ADMISSION TO UNISIM!!

Okay, it’s really no big deal because I don’t think it’s hard to get into the school but I still felt happy for receiving the confirmation!!! Kekeke, cuz I finally know I’m really going into one instead of floating around in this uncertain realm haha. Here’s the screenshot of the offer :

Wahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahaahahahahahaha, I’m so happy kekeke.

However, the biggest problem I’m facing now, is not about $$, but the stupid confirmation site refuse to load!!!! Gosh, I spent 10 minutes waiting for the page to load and it says “This page may take a few minutes to load, please wait…”, I think the highest chance that I won’t be able to get into the school is cuz of the admission page >.<!!!

I guess I’ll have to email them instead….

Please, please, please, don’t tell me to go down ALLLLLLL the way to Clementi to fill in any particulars!


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