Random Update

I realised I have been neglecting my blog for quite a blog recently, there’s a few reasons for this : 

  1. There’s nothing that’s very significant happening in my life that I think is worth blogging
  2. I’m busy playing with WoW and Diablo 3 
  3. Most importantly, I’m currently using my com in this position : lying flat down on my stomach and using it in front of me, cuz I need to play Diablo 3, and I have died ~5 times due to lagging. And after lagging, my char’s health is depleted at the speed of light. So, I need a better connection and so I’m using this Ethernet cable that’s connected to the broadband, and so I have to be close to it and there’s no other place that’s close except for my bed. And nope, I can’t buy a 10m Ethernet cable and link it all the way to my usual using-com-place (living room), my mum will slaughter me.

As you can see, my third reason is so so so so long, so you can see how bo bian I really am about not being able to blog *bambi eyes*.

I’m reaching the “low-game-passion” period again, been going out every weekday night, and then just lie on my bed to re-watch the Big Bang Theory for the nth time. Then sleep. WoW is good, just that don’t really feel like playing it (I wonder why did I bought a year subscription of the game man). Which brings me to the next topic :

Diablo 3 is not that good seriously. I don’t know, maybe cuz I wasn’t really following the news update of D3, so I didn’t really see how’s the thing like. And kinda just expected the thing will be like super beautiful like WoW. Especially cuz the game was delayed a few years, so I really thought it’d be amazing.

I’m never really a Diablo fan, just that coincidentally I’ve played Diablo and Diablo 2 haha.

Have just completed the first difficulty level (which is the normal difficulty, I have like 3 more difficulty levels to pass). But I’m going to take it slowly and slack.

Just an FYI, I think I’m going to change my phone to Samsung S3 some time during OCtober / November. Currently still using a non-smart phone (with a Symbian OS) and a non-smart plan, I think I’m really one of the rare people living in Singapore man, who is still using a lousy phone.

Recently a lot of people are pressurizing me to change into a smart phone, which I don’t really understand why. Though I do admit that being a IT person and using a lousy phone is really quite embarrassing (Rofl). But this is why I’m good! Which IT person is still using a Symbian phone and non-smart plan? None! Which is what makes me unique *wave hands like as if standing for presidential election*.

BTW, Oi and Lynnette have no rights to say me for the above issue either, we know why is that. =)


4 thoughts on “Random Update

  1. ………yeah, i cant say anything.

    but you know, your blog really isnt telling me anything new man. go blog again.

  2. its fine using a non-smartphone~~~ nothing special with smartphone, only thing is that it has more games and can surf the net~ LOL, when u change to smartphone, u will miss the button-pressing feel.

  3. hantueffect : hahahahaha, everything new thats happening ive already told you dude. nothing much new thats happening how to tell tsk tsk.

    kmye : LOL!!! not really, im recently getting very sian about using my phone, cuz my fingers freezes in the office and i cant summon more force while pressing on the keypad. LOL. so in the end i very pek chek ,

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