Men In Black III – Movie

Almost forgot, I’ve watched this show last week. I nearly forgotten to blog about this. Now that I look at my blog’s calendar, I think I’m only like blogging on an average of like 4 / 5 a month haha. And mostly are null blog posts of nothing in particular (wakakaka) and movie reviews. Okay, guys I’ll try to blog more stupid shits, just that recently I’m busying myself with sleep and going out, too tired and too zen to blog about anything haha.

Anyways, I think MIB 3 wasn’t that great as compared to the previous 2, not saying this one suck. There’s many funny points too in this movie. Then again, maybe it’s because the old guy didn’t appear much in the movie (Tommy Lee Jones). I think it’s cuz the age is catching up with him, maybe not that convenient for him to run around chasing / fighting aliens anymore. So mostly is Will Smith and Josh Brolin making the appearances.

Heavy dot : I like old white guys, not all, but quite a number of them, and I really like watching MIB is cuz of Tommy Lee Jones, haha.

As much as bringing out the whole time traveling is a good and brilliant plan of letting the old guy to go into a half-retirement state, I’m feeling a little sad because I think there will either be no more of MIB 4, or there will be some random guy partnering with Will Smith instead in future. If that’s happening, not gonna watch it I think (unless some other very handsome old guy is coming along and partnering with Will Smith.. OH, Jeremy Lee Renner is a brilliant idea!!! <33333).

Realised I have nothing much to say about this film, cuz it’s been quite a long time alr since I’ve watched this hahahahaha, and the feelings and shits are a bit fading away from my brain.

If you’ve watched the first 2 MIB films, might as well continue watching this, you can still get yourself a good laugh, or if you generally get the idea of the show, it’s quite worth watching it, but guess not a film I’ll watch a second time in the theaters.

I guess after watching a number of films, I can more or less grasp what movies are good / bad, or at least I’m able to say I like / dislike a movie, because few years back, the movies are all nice to me (or maybe cuz I happen to watch nice blockbusters all the time). But I don’t think I’ll be able to get Oscar-winning films, that’s why I’m not a movie critic =P.


2 thoughts on “Men In Black III – Movie

  1. FIRST

    will smith is also getting pretty old. i think even if they come up with an MIB 4, theyll probably have to get new actors liao. >.<
    but yeah, the first 2 were better. but i'm okay with this third one i guess. its nice just to see them in action again.

    1. yeah true lor, will smith also getting old haha, but still okay la. then it depends on who they getting for the MIB sequels already, but i think without the same actors, wun have the feel man.. sadded.
      third one is quite funny haha, in some random parts, and i like how they link the storyline together. its not bad

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